After gaining as much knowledge as I could from this site, I asked my gp for a referral to dr s. although she said there were strict guidelines for referring which my normal results did not adhere to, she did agree to refer me to a private practitioner..

Dr S ,who I saw yesterday, said my thyroxine is too low . So I am upping it gradually till hopefully I find the optimum. Thank you for all the help, I feel so much more positive now

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  • That is great news! I hope you start to feel some improvements soon :)

  • Great news!! Let us know how things progress!

  • I hope you didn't have to pay privately for the referral, as you have the right for the choose and book system [ one of which can be of your choice ] of ANY specialist that works within the glad to hear your good news------lets hope this is just the start of the GOOD news this year......

  • I did not have to pay for referral, but I don't know yet if she will prescribe the increased meds.

  • Most of the continuing symptoms of thyroid gland problems is most probably due to being kept at too low a dose due to the TSH, which really has no bearing on how we feel.

    Before the TSH came in people were dosed until symptoms went. Usually between 200 and 400mcg.

  • I am increasing meds in increments of 25mg every 2 weeks. But I received a letter from the thyroid register reacting to my blood tests,It said continue taking 150/125 on alternate days. It seems crazy that without seeing me they can decide on my medication

  • Sometimes they vary the dose on alternate dates and maybe they are medicating you according to your TSH level alone. They usually do NOT take into account your clinical symptoms. They appear to be following the guidelines.

    If you are not improving in a number of weeks get a copy of the latest blood test results complete with ranges and post again so that someone can comment.

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