Well i have had a telephne call off my gp today as she said she wanted to speak to me about my thyroid level (0.01) i thought she may have saie cut your meds a little but she didnt, she did mention that the labs had done some kind of test and its come back borderline glucose intollerant and she wants to talk to be about this next time i see her, but the best news is she has agreed to refer me to a private Endo of my choice and is very happy with the one i mentioned in my letter so hopefully in a few weeks time when i have saved the last bit of the consultation fee im off and hopefully get some answers x


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  • Your TSH is the same as mine and I am well.As you mentioned borderline glucose intollerant, I thought you may be interested in this extract which I posted to someone else earlier. I am not medically qualified.

    Diabetes: I ask my patients to check their blood sugar regulation in two ways: (1) by taking several random measurements of their fasting blood sugar levels, and (2) by doing a 6-hour home glucose tolerance test (hGTT). These tests often show that a patient has glucose dysregulation. Some have fasting or reactive hypoglycemia, but most, in my clinical experience, have glucose intolerance.

    In either case, too little glucose reaching a patient’s cells can cause what I view as an energy crisis. This occurs when thyroid hormone therapy accelerates intracellular energy metabolism by increasing a wide range of enzymes, but the increased energy demand conflicts with too little energy substrate in the form of glucose. Clinicians and patients often misinterpret the resulting symptoms as thyrotoxicosis. In fact, glucose dysregulation is the primary source of the symptoms. And the symptoms block the patient from using a fully therapeutic dosage of thyroid hormone.

  • Shaws.

    This is very interesting . I have immeasurable TSH and now severe Diabetes. However, when I first saw my endo, thyroid was doing badly on masses doses of armour, which incidentlaly made me very ill. She tested of course, pituitary glands as it may be. Then the 6 hour glucose test, as then, not sure if now, was the only reliable test for Glucose. At that time,I think possible the Hb1Ac test has taken over, as never hear of it mentioned now. I was borderline diabetic but diagnosed with severe Hypoglycemia.I now have severe diabetes, of course now treated and my Hashimoto is stable.Dr. Lowe does publish some very interesting info.

    Best wishes,


  • Yes, I think Dr Lowe was a genius. Wen you read his family history and how he found the way out of his own ill-health by searching and finding that the T3 alone made him well. He was very compassionate in that he didn't want people to suffer unnecesssarily so, as they are still doing to the present day for want of proper/adequate meds.

    He also says elsewhere that if undertreated/undiagnosed can lead to more serious diseases for us.

  • Hi yes I agree and certainly the last statement is true as I found out too late. However, not for want of trying, inadequate doctors, and some horrible ones!


  • Thank you Shaws thats interesting x

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