Finding a decent endocrinologist

I had decided to self medicate with NDT and ordered it from the USA. From tracking I see that my parcel has been in Italian customs for a week already and I have started to get uneasy... I am anticipating the worst; that my parcel may be confiscated by customs and I may lose my money :-(

From my latest research, I'm guessing the surest way to get NDT is via a doctor's prescription and cover-letter. I am in Southern Italy. Can anyone recommend how I can find a decent endocrinologist, who is up-to-date with research (both conventional and unconventional)?

Saying this, I'm not fixated on trying NDT necessarily - my aim is to get my health back. I'm sad to say that my experience with social security practitioners in Italy so far has not been encouraging.

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High last month I had problems with my order of NDT from Thailand. It had arrived in France and then been returned to Thailand.

I had a tracking number and went along to the local post and left a message for my postman. I explained that the tablets were to keep my alive as I have no thyroid.

Within one week I had my parcel.

If you have a tracking number why don't you go along to your local post or tell your postman. Lets hope your parcel arrives soon. Good luck.

Thanks - I don't see how the post office can pressure customs into releasing a parcel. If my parcel gets sent back, I'll try, as you say...


Are you permitted to import NDT into Italy?

What you describe is a problem in most European countries except the UK where it seems legal to import prescription drugs for personal use. Most European countries don't allow the import of prescription drugs, not even for personal use. Shipments between EU countries are treated as domestic shipments, though, which is why I always try to order from other EU countries. The problem is there no longer seem to be any European suppliers of NDT, at least not that I know of...but don't despair just yet. It's possible that customs just opened your package to inspect the contents, but then will deliver it to you...that has happened to me on a few occasions. I sometimes suspect they are more interested in finding and confiscating drugs such as tranquilizers and stimulants...fingers crossed you get it soon!

Can you obtain the telephone no for the Italian customs. They usually have one. Have you got the tracking number? It depends on the packaging as well. Get a photo sent from the states of the parcel labeling plus the tracking number, then telephone the customs. I know it's a pain. You need to live here in France everything is a nightmare!!!

By the way NDT is not a drug but only a hormone OK.


NDT has been illegal in France for years. You're lucky your NDT was given back to you.

Yes I know, but I felt that I had no alternative. Having never smoked, drunk much or taken any drugs if my whole life and at the age of 69 years of age I just did it. I intend to have my thyroid and nutrition bloods taken in the UK in October and then I will weigh up my situation.

Thank you for your concern.


Is there any way you could get NDT prescribed in Belgium?

Hi anna69 I really don't know very much about the Belgium system why, do you live there? If you do you could try or maybe T3.

Yes, NDT is legal in Belgium (prescription only). The problem is that only Armour and Erfa are available, so you don't have much of a choice. T3, on the other hand, is not available in Belgium (to my knowledge). There used to be a synthetic combo drug called Novothyral which was taken off the market a few years ago, but it's still available (also prescription only) in neighbouring Germany...some doctors working with alternative treatment methods prescribe that to patients who, for some reason, prefer not to take NDT.

At least there seem to be various possibilities in Belgium, and there are a number of unconventional doctors who are themselves hypothyroid and use NDT or Novothyral...

I'm wondering whether NDT might be used by sports professionals for doping???

If I phone customs, do I explain that Im not taking "drugs", but taking a health supplement to improve my wellbeing?

I have never heard about anyone using NDT for doping...possibly as a weight loss drug, but that's pretty far-fetched. After all, it contains hormones normally produced by our own bodies, no more and no less.

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