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Did anyone notice red patch on throat before being diagnosed with under active thyroid?

Just as a matter of interest, before i was diagnosed as being under-active, I noticed a red patch on my throat which was spreading over a matter of a few weeks. The skin seemed to be 'dying' as it went red and very dry (but not flaky) and worryingly began to spread quite noticeably. I went to the doctor who had no idea what it was but prescribed me a cortisone cream to try which did absolutely nothing. It was around this time that I went onto levothyroxine and the condition disappeared almost immediately and has never returned. Just wondered if this had happened to anyone else or if it was co-incidental that it disappeared at the time I started my treatment?

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Hi Revsie

I had and still have a similar problem! I have a red mark that mimics the exact shape of my thyroid on my neck, it is butterfly shaped, quite large, not raised or itchy just there, constantly!

I too asked my GP what it might be, but he wasn't interested. I am also underactive on 125mg Levothyroxine, but my red shape is still there!x


Hi dylansmum

I was initially put onto 50mg levo (went up to 175mg over the course of time) and the skin returned to normal very quickly, but it was a very strange thing to happen and my doctor didn't have a clue and wasn't that interested either! I'm sorry yours hasn't been cured as this is the only good thing i can say about my treatment! Fingers crossed yours will fade in time. x


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