Digital ear thermometer or mercury one?

Does anyone know which of these is likely to be more accurate? I have both, but the results vary wildly. The old fashioned mercury one - which Dr P advises to use - measures my temperature at least half if not one degree higher than the mercury one. I've tried the mercury one both in my mouth (very low results) and under my arm (nearly as low) but the digital one looks like my temp is fairly 'normal', as in near to 37 degrees. Anyone an officianado? (The digital one I have is supposed to be a good one.)

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  • I'd be interested to know too!!

  • Digital thermometer, used rectally, would give you a god core temperature reading. You can buy a basal "NHS" thermometer online. It mesures to two decimal points.

  • Not sure the probe on my digital ear thermometer would be long enough to reach . . .

  • the tympanic thermometers are the most accurate, they are used on the wards all the time. I have one at home.

  • Hi - thanks for this, but what is a tympanic thermometer?

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