Synacthen test, cortisol, vit D, ferritin, and thyroid test tomorrow. Have to be relaxed easy for them to say!

Off to Leamington spa Nuffield hospital tomorrow for synacthen test and cortisol test amongst others as in title. Dreading early rise two hour trip thank goodness hubby is taking me. Two doddering fools together LOL. We will probably have the usual moan at each other as you do.

He will be bored but probably find a pretty nurse to eye up oh well he needs his pleasures.

Only just read what synacthen test involves thanks to Kanga preparing me.

Not looking forward to it but sooner it's over the better.

Watch this space keep you all updated tomorrow. No doubt there are quite a few of you that have had test love to hear how you all got on.

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Good Luck for tomorrow.

Love Angie xx

Thanks angie nite nite xx

Hi only just seen your thread, all the best for today. Let us know how you got on later. I've only just woke up eyes blurred so excuse spelling as phone screen is 3 d at the mo , x

I've had the test, absolutely nothing to it. I think we are that used to having blood taken.

They pop a canular in an draw the normal bloods. They then pop in some clear liquid and you sit and wait for 20 - 30 mins. They then draw some more blood. Makes the procedure easy and painless with having the canular in.

Mine, fortunately, was fine.

Good luck.


Good luck!! When I went for mine at a hospital in Birmingham my test was booked for 9.30 am - the doctor finally turned up at 1.30 pm.....

Good luck hope it goes well xx

Got mine on Monday so will be interesting to read how yours went. Hope all goes well.

Moggie x

Is this the test where you are there all day and then pump you full of insulin to put you body into shock, sorry had so many of these dif tests cant remember what is called ehat any more but if it is yes I had this done and a verh interesting outcome after years of feeling so so ill.

I Hope not or I wont be going on Monday. It will mean being admitted to a ward for a few hours where, apparently, they inject you with hormones inbetween three blood tests. It can cause sickness and/or heart palps (says the nurse who will be doing the test) and someone on here yesterday said that it can make you cry, which would make sense if they are going to inject you with hormones as we all know how hormones can effect us dont we.

Must say the more I read about it the more dubious I am getting.

Moggie x

Good luck with your test on Monday it isn't the same test as the synacthen test. Try not to worry I will be rooting for you.

Kerry x

Just come back from my short synacthen test and NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!

No sickness, no crying, no fast pulse rate - absolutely NOTHING. Dont quite not what to make of it all as I was expecting SOMETHING to happen.

Moggie x

I don't think this test involves insulin - I think it's the one where they inject ACTH, which makes you produce cortisol.

Yeah that's the one inject the ACTH which makes cortisol then at two 30 minute intervals blood is taken

Thanks for the link poing. Just had mine done and didn't feel a thing. Dont know wether this is a good or bad thing but had not fast heart rate or sickness (as nurse warned could happen) so will wait for results.

Moggie x

No the test is where a phlebotomist takes blood then a doctor injects the ACTH which makes cortisol then at two 30 minute intervals blood is taken.

Are you supposed to have an reaction when the ACTH is injected?

Moggie x

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