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What's your dumbest brain-fog moment?


Thought this might be fun, and also make sure I'm not the only total prat in the world. Here goes....I drove straight past the school today with a car load of kids :D

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Putting dirty washing into the dishwasher. :-)))

greygoose in reply to Hidden

Like ;)

nightingale-56 in reply to Hidden

I was about to do the opposite the other day - think they would have come out clean but unuseable!

liz1952 in reply to Hidden

Hah!! Not just me then??

Wouldn't say it was the dumbest but would say the most dangerous brain fog moment was when I forgot which foot to put down and which foot to take off pedals in my car when driving along. Trouble was I was doing 50mph and coming up to a roundabout and needed to slow down - it frightened the life out of me.

Moggie x

Hidden in reply to Moggie

Eek! That is scary. I have done the same thing but I was stationary at the time and was soooo perplexed as to why the car wasn't moving even though the hand brake was off!!!

Moggie in reply to Hidden

Can just imagine it - why wont this car move.lol.

Moggie x

Hidden in reply to Moggie

Hehe yeh it was quite funny actually. I got out of the car to check that there was nothing in the way of the wheels and everything! :-p xx

Hidden in reply to Moggie

Actually Moggie, there was one time when I was on a long drive and had been on a mixture of motorway and dual carriageway for ages. Towards the end of the journey I pulled out to overtake someone and had the fright of my life to see a van hurtling towards me in MY lane...or not my lane as it turns out, as it had changed to single carriageway. That frightened the life out me too, so I know how you feel.

Moggie in reply to Hidden

Dont take this the wrong way ladies but is this down to our thyroid's or is it "woman driver syndrome"?. I'm the first to admit that we are safer drivers than men but forgetting cars and mistaking single carriageways for motorways. Not sure we can blame everything on our condition.lol.

Moggie x

Hidden in reply to Moggie

I realise my 3 posts are all car related, but I for one can definitely say that I never used to be like this. I feel like I am on another planet a lot of the time and I used to be really sharp. Don't do us women down Moggie, having 2 X chromosomes doesn't give us an excuse to be dippy :-) x

Moggie in reply to Hidden

Not doing anyone down DiamondFire just making an observation. Woman normally have so much going on in their heads when driving - what do I need at the supermarket, what time do I have to pick the kids up, what housework have I got to do when I get home - that I think we can sometimes overload the brain and our driving suffers. Thats what I meant by "Woman driver syndrome". I know that when I have something else on my mind my driving can sometimes suffer.

Moggie x

Hidden in reply to Moggie

Oh ok, sorry to misunderstand, Moggie. It's the feminist coming out in me :-) yes sometimes we try to do too much. Tough life being a woman, right?! x

Moggie in reply to Hidden

From one feminist to another - its GREAT being a woman.

Moggie x

Unfortunately my foot pressed the accelerator instead of the brake - just a touch though - but a touch too much, and I caught the corner of the stationary bus in front of me. It then ricocheted and I caught it again. Only did £200 worth of damage to the bus, but £2,000's worth to my car, which then escalated to about £8,000's when the garage it had to go into did not tighten screws holding the gear box in place. Could have been dangerous but was just expensive - for the garage repairing my car that is.

Thats frightening - hope you was o.k. though.

Moggie x


Oh dear Mitchell66 :-D it's easily done! I walked all the way home from work to panic that my car wasn't on the drive and had been stolen, then realised that actually I had driven to work that day :-p

greygoose in reply to Hidden

I did the same thing, sort of. Took the car to go shopping, stopped on the way home to buy a magazine in the corner shop, then, nose buried in the magazine, I walked home. Next morning, looked out the window and my car wasn't in its space. Panic! Called my s-i-l and he came and picked me up to take me to the police station to report the theft. On the way, we drove past the corner shop, and there was my car! Such an idiot!!! lol

Hidden in reply to greygoose

Hehehe!!! :-D

I once reported my bicycle stolen. in fact I had tied it to the railings outside the garage on the day that I'd picked up my car from being serviced (not sure why i cycled to the garage to get the car, but I did). It was about three weeks before I passed that garage again... and saw it tied up there. In the intervening time, there was not a flicker of a memory about what I'd done. It was kind of like Christmas though, finding it wasn't stolen after all!

I kept that bike for another 10 years, even though a few years later I cycled over a giant pothole, buckled the wheel, replaced it with one that didn't have the right gear cogs, so it only had half the gears after that.

Hidden in reply to poing

Lol and you got a 'new' bike out of it too :-D x

I blogged recently about trying to use the TV remote as a telephone and driving all the way to Coventry for a meeting 24 hours early despite having the right date in my diary. I've also recently become very clumsy - I'm dropping things and knocking things over so much that the husband panics every time I pick something up or get out the duster now. Has that happened to anyone else?

Clairval in reply to Confused77

Yes me too. Tried to turn the TV off with the telephone and couldn't understand for ages why there wasn't an 'off' button. I keep dropping things and also leaving higher kitchen cupboard doors open and banging my head!! I walked to the post box, lovely walk but forgot to post the letter.

Sometimes it is funny but more often than not I get quite upset. The only other time similar things happened, before thyroid problems, is when I was pregnant....People understood then. They don't now !!

Bajangirl in reply to Confused77

Well, last month I had a cardio appointment. I got dress but was early so I sat with a drink and a magazine. I remembered the appointment five days later when they wrote to the doctor, copied to me to tell me I didn't turn up for the appointment...oops!

cein in reply to Confused77

Yes :-)

liz1952 in reply to Confused77

Yes, drop things and trip a lot, balance seems out of sync some days. Oh well at least it cheers family up.....!

madmoms2 in reply to Confused77

Lol I have still not lived that one down. Every time I pick up the tv remote now its " are you sure it's not the telephone you want honey". The funniest I read though was a woman on a Facebook thyroid forum who went to brush her teeth and then realised she could fit her hairbrush in her mouth though. Took a bit of getting the toothpaste of lol

This isn't funny but once, on a hot day, I had the electric fan on in the kitchen. In the afternoon I went out with my daughter, but just around the corner I suddenly thought I hadn't turned it off so turned round and went back. I hadn't turned it off, but worse than that, I had left the gas on after cooking my lunch, the fan had blown the flames out and the whole house was filled with gas. And my two dogs were in there! I still have nightmares about that.

capricorn in reply to greygoose

OMG, thank God you went back tho. It's like a sixth sense kicks in. I'm also a great believer in gut reaction as in my case it is normally right.

greygoose in reply to capricorn

Oh me too. Once I was going away for a week, got all the way to the station and doubted I had turned the gas off. Went all the way back and I hadn't turned the gas off!!! It is frightening, though.

However, I have to say that lots of times when I go back to see if I've locked the door - or get up in the middle of the night for same! - I have locked it, It's just you never know when you can trust your instinct and when it's just paranioa! lol

One scary things I do is forgetting what to do with my feet when I'll going down steps :(

I do that too!

Corinne in reply to mitchell66

Know the feeling! done the same, not nice. x

Jonesey in reply to mitchell66

Me too, but going up. It's like my feet want to take two or three steps instead of one.

Greedy little feet ;-)

Polaris in reply to mitchell66

Tried to go up a 'down' escalator......umm, or was it down an 'up' escalator....

So many things from which to choose!

I suppose the most recent one was when we all walked home from school (where I work). I wondered for a split second why the car wasn't outside our house and then realised I had driven to work that morning :D The kids were not impressed because we had to walk all the way back to get the car.

There was also the time when I drove to town, noticed a speed trap near us so phoned hubby to let him know not to go over the speed limit on his way home. His response was "I'd have to cycle very fast!" I couldn't work out what he was talking about until I realised that of course I had the car otherwise I wouldn't have known about the speed trap in the first place! D'oh!

deb25426 in reply to PinkNinja


I transferred £10 into my current account and went on a 20 minute walk to Tesco's to buy a couple of items. I used the cashpoint there to withdraw the £10 and carried on with my shopping. I scanned in all the items and went to pay, only to realize i left the cash machine without actually taking the money!! So i left my shopping there and walked all the awy back home and transferred another £10 into my account ( Don't really know why i do it like this, think it's just to be conservative) walked back to Tesco's and this time paid for my milk and water..............then walked out without collecting my £7 change! Doh :D

Confused77 in reply to buggles84

I lost £50 that way once. Like you I didn't realise until I went to pay for my shopping that I hadn't taken my money out of the cashpoint machine and by the time I'd got back to the cashpoint someone else had taken my money. I felt sick and SO angry with myself for being so stupid!

Walked away from an ATM without taking the £100 I had just drawn and my credit card. My only excuse was that I was talking to my daughter at the time. Went back to the bank to find (after a few questions) that some kind, honest person had handed cash and card in. Really restored my faith. There are still some lovely people about thank goodness.

I left my work one day and when I got to my car I realised someone had stuck a sticker on my windscreen so tried to peel it off. To my horror I realised the sticker was stuck inside the windscreen and someone must have broken into my car. Then someone came up to me and said 'do you have a problem with my car?' Ooh the shame I was picking away at someone else's car and it wasn't the same make or even colour as mine :-[

deb25426 in reply to Lenny


Put my book in the bread bin and took a brown loaf up to bed.

Corinne in reply to pippadoll

lol x

deb25426 in reply to pippadoll

Oh dear

RoloHibbs in reply to pippadoll

Ha! Love it! ;-)

piglet725 in reply to pippadoll

Done a really stupidmthing to, was going shopping grab the bag and the pushchair rushed out of the house. Did the shopping got to the till looked for my purse but could only find the butter dish......... you've guessed it the purse was in the fridge. At least the manager of the shop knew me and let me have my shopping. I went back the next day armed with my purse. At least we had a good laugh about it. lol

madmoms2 in reply to pippadoll

Ahhhhhh just love it......I feel normal reading all these :). Only cos I've done most but the bread takes the biscuit. Sorry pippadoll :)

Did my shopping and paid for it. Parked up trolley in the set area and had a coffee. Went home (10 miles!) opened the car boot - no shopping. Thankfully went back to the shop and the trolley was still there. I daren't tell my husband.

deb25426 in reply to Tory


Once was l;ooking after my sisters dog, took dog for walk on school run tied her up outside, when came out must of walked straight passed her, as on my way home realised somthing was missing! ran straight back, and the poor thing looked so pleased to see me! x :)

greygoose in reply to Corinne

I once left my eight month old son, in his pushchair, outside the bread shop. I went in with the two older ones, got the bread, came out and walked back to the car holding the hand of my two year-old with the six year-old trailing behind. Neither of them said anything!!! It was only when I got to the car and started packing the kids into it, that I realised there was one missing. I rushed back and he was just sitting there, watching the people walking by, hadn't even missed me! lol I was sooooo lucky that day!

deb25426 in reply to greygoose

I'm really sorry but I ave laughed a lot at this one. I know it's wrong .. It reminded me of I was a we mom and I left my aby daughter outside a local shop! Fortunately they knew me in there and kept her til my dad asked me if I'd forgotten something!

deb25426 in reply to deb25426

*** I was a new mom

greygoose in reply to deb25426

I can relate to that!

Bajangirl in reply to deb25426

Did that too! I walked around for two hours thinking I had left something in the shops. Checked my bags and they were all there so carried on but this feeling would not leave. Then suddenly it hit me! My five month old baby was still in W H Smith. Dropped the bags and dashed back... Fortunately my son was ok but I lost all my shopping. I was so traumatised, I went straight home and forgot about the shopping...

I have hundreds (PIN No nightmares, missing glasses, missing appointments etc etc) but will share the scariest.

After years of driving manual cars I swapped to automatic seven years ago. Recently, On one of those delightful brain foggy days, driving along, I looked down to see I'd put it in second gear instead of Drive and thought I'd change gear so I slammed my foot on the clutch, which in reality was the Brake! You get the picture - I screeched to a halt, terrified because in that split second didn't know why the car was screeching to a halt :-(

Thank goodness the man behind me managed to stop before he hit me. We both pulled over and even then I couldn't understand had happened - scary hey?

It was only after he pulled away after advising me to get the car checked out because I had told him I couldn't understand what had happened and denied any wrongdoing that I realised what I had done.

I always triple check now, (everything :-) before I drive off and I'm now in danger of contracting OCD ;-)

Oh the joy, keep smiling everyone x

rossilin600 in reply to Jonesey

Hi can relate to this as was driving our automatic (other car is manual i parked in front of a metal fence then put foot on wrong pedal and lurched forward causing loads of damage to car. Whoopsl

Went grocery shopping and walked past my house when I got back? Went to the doctors and forgot why I had gone? Went to an appointment on the wrong week? Sat in front of the computer and couldn't remember how to turn it on?

Bin there done that!!!

Emm putting dirty washing in the rubbish bin. And vice versa :-(. I thought I still had baby brain. But I do feel thyroid fog a lot :-(

stopping at a traffic light on my driving test for one whole minute! did i pass? noooo! lol

Beware Big Brother if someone from DVLA reads this we will be banned from driving

mitchell66 in reply to meki

and possibly sectioned :/

meki in reply to mitchell66

As long as we are all in one place so we can forget each other

Think I am glad I don't drive a car reading all these comments !

I sent a Mothers day card and forgot to sign it, at least I remembered to get the kids to sign the Nan card.

I tend to leave the gas cooker on alot after cooking dinner even though I use the timer alarm and my husband is always telling me you have left the cooker on again.

Guilty of this one too!

Give my mum mothers day flowers and pressi I had the wrong weekend. Had hair appointment Tuesday, so on the same day rang mum to take her to over 60 club she been going there for yrs (on Wednesdays).

I only drive short distances, thank goodness last week going out for food to a pub. I took wrong turning 2 miles b4 I could turn around the I drove straight passed the pub. Leaving pub needed petrol, was in wrong lane, my son said " so were not getting petrol then". I was on the home instead. Turned around again then pulled into Tesco straight past garage... Doh!

I said to my son, tell me when to turn cos I'm sure my brains in the boot.

Forget names of normal things like revision, washing machine. Struggle to find them in the end say put that box thing in the corner on, and put clothes in the white thing in the kitchen. I used to get funny looks now they just find it funny.

Corinne in reply to twinks

Lol, know exactly what u mean, i often find my self trying to describe things which i cant remember the name for, bit embarrasing when its a family member though!!!


RoloHibbs in reply to twinks

Oh I can relate to this one. I'll say to my husband 'what's that thing called?' Pointing to the dishwasher... I just cannot find the words... He just looks at me, incredulous. Hey ho! x


Funny, I've juat had one of my moments. Took some laundry out to the garage to put in the tumble drier & took the peg bag with me???!!!


Using the remote instead of the mouse, and wondering why it did not work...

At the supermarket, opening my bag for the shopping list (I need a lot of lists for all sorts of things) and finding a bit of toast. I had put the shopping list out for the birds...

Ringing my mobile to find it (OK, not uncommon) but using the mobile...

greygoose in reply to serenfach

lol :)

RoloHibbs in reply to serenfach

Lol! ;-)

Oh my goodness, all these comments have really cheered me up this morning, literally laughing out loud! Thanks everyone. I don't drive but I do say and do things that my husband looks at e and sakes his head!

Just after Christmas me and the hubby to be went out for some lunch and a potter round town, I decdied to drive for a change. Anyway we parked up went for a walk for about an hour and then went for lunch. I suddenly had this feeling of 'where are the car keys' checked everywhere and started to panic, all I got ffrom my boyfriend was a roll of the eyes and 'You will be paying for this' so panic set it, I tried looking for the car, couldnt find it. only to realise we had parked it outside of the restaurant, I had left the keys in the ignition unlocked. Needless to say I was very relieved but i'm not trusted anywhere near the car!


The worst thing I ever did was turn off a couple of switches in the kitchen before I went on holiday. The next day, the woman came to feed the cat and two goldfish....and she found my beautiful goldfish were dead. Wrong switch.She was really freaked out and didn't tell me until we got home, incase it ruined the holiday.And that was the tragic end of Bruce and Squeaky.

Approaching a roundabout I couldn't remember which way around it I should go, and asked in panic "which way which way"

. . .. "RIGHT. . .RIGHT" was the reply (meaning the last turn off)

So I went RIGHT . . to the first turn off ! !

Another time I went to my local shops and dropped my front door key in to get another cut thinking I would finshish shopping then pick it back up afterwards.

Needles to say I drove home to discover I couldn't find my door key . . . .ahh the penny drops.

Drove back to pick up keys.....Not so funny as was a 15 mile round trip

Was so comforted by the above - it's funny but also sad. All I remember from over ten years ago before diagnosis was that I was feeling out of my mind, forgetful, paranoid, underconfident, frightened and weak physically and mentally - the complete opposite of my normal behaviour.

I've been on thyroxine for over ten years now and, at 73 years of age, have been complimented on my physical and mental agility - it made that much difference. It's frightening that doctors continue to diagnose on blood tests alone and I wonder how many people out there are under-performing in today's environment, where everybody needs to optimise their abilities just to survive.

Hi there,

I have walked off a bus without my daughter and more recently have gone shopping only to find that I had no purse. Last shop I went to was Next so I went back and said I had not taken my card out of the machine and must have left my purse there too. Kind member of staff went all the way up to the top floor to fetch a card that another member of staff had handed in. It was not my card. Started to feel very angry but managed to get out of the shop without being rude. Back at M & S I found my debit card in my coat pocket and my purse had been handed in to customer services. I had left that in someone else's trolley!

I do not drive, I would be lethal.



Forgetting words, or cant get them out.

forgetting what Im talking about mid sentence.

Drifting when should be listening, discussions, shows, entertainment

Putting things in odd places: house and car keys under pillow; no recollection of actually doing these things until a few yrs later...

Leaving keys in shops.

Everything in slow motion

Just stoppingstanding still and staring, but planning and sorting things out in my head - (or having a little sleep - eyes open).

Shoot me now.

RoloHibbs in reply to lynx

Oh yes. Am right there with you.

shouting and swearing at the printer because it was not working it was not working because I failed to turn the dam thing on! I have a habit of putting the teapot in the fridge instead of the milk. I am always losing my glasses only to find them on top of my head or I have sat on them ( thank goodnes for cheap reading glasses) or my classic one is taking the dog to the shops and coming home and leaving him behind, thank goodness he was still there and giving me a dirty look to boot doh! help!

Chatting to another friend who has brain fog. She said "it is getting worse - I go upstairs and think what have I come up here for, and have to down again to remember". I said *Oh, I do that all the time".. There was a moment of silence as we both realise we both live in bungalows....

RoloHibbs in reply to serenfach

Ha!!!!! Actually guffawed! And spat a little bit of tea. Brilliant.

Hidden in reply to serenfach

:-) that's wonderful! You have made me smile.

Frantically searching through my bag & coat for my mobile convinced i'd lost it before realising it was against my ear the whole time! my mum who i was talking to thought it was hilarious.. driving home from work & realising i still have a client in my car!.. also once left my daughter at the till in sainsburys, got to the car & had that forgotten something feeling.. forgetting what someones just said to me which can be really awkward!.. all of the above sounds so familiar, i'm glad its not just me :-)

just thought of a corker, talking on the phone, holding it to my ear with my shoulder to carry on multi tasking. Realising that the conversation ended 10 mins ago and i'm still struggling round holding the phone to my ear :O

Hidden in reply to mitchell66

like :-)

too many to be specific!!

Got a yukkie colonoscopy and endoscopy today and its a day when I really wish my memory would fail me but sadly not as the Klean prep drinkable crap at the other end won't let me forget lol. Too much information I know but you have all made me laugh as I've done so much of the above :). We need a like button ??

Laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your comments..... Never laughed so much in ages.

I now know I`m not going crazy and it`s down to the thyroid!!!!!

My contribution is that I picked up the tv remote and tried dialling out on it!!!!!!



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