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Brain fog strikes again!

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I’ve come away for a few days with family and picked up the wrong strip of Levo (150mcg instead of 100mcg); currently taking 250/200 alternate days. I’m away less than a week but can’t think straight...should I take 150mcg a day till I get home and then pick up routine again? Seems better option than not taking at all for the time away...or am I getting mixed up? (More than I am already!) Maths never my strong point when my brain IS working! 😂

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If you halve a 150 to give you 75, then 150 + 75 = 225 which is the average of what you are taking by alternating 250 and 200

Thank you MaisieGray! Maths definitely not my forte! Might have to seek out pill cutter tomorrow. Cheers!

Thank you Hidden! I’ll take tonight’s dose at 150 and go hunt up a pill cutter tomorrow if I can. Best of both worlds! Cheers!

I wouldnt worry if it’s less than a week but if it were me I’d take 300 one day and 150 the other. Then either skip a day when I got back or carry on with my norm. Saves the hassle of trying to cut up tablets.

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Thank you NWA6! Another great option. I really don't know why I'm getting worked up over such a short space of time...when my daughter was born and because of her health needs I neglected my health/meds for about six months! 😲 I got a verbal slap on the wrist from my hospital doctor for that!!! I'll make sure I see to my meds first next time!


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I bet it’s cause you feel well atm and don’t want to eff it up! Lol

You could tot up your weekly intake and just neck it all tomorrow! Lol

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I feel better than I did at 200mcg, NWA6 but taking the lot in one fell swoop sounds good too! 😂 (Now where did I put the calculator?)

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 125mcg (the maths gene's gone walkabouts again, lol!) but my optimal was 250mcg until the idiots started messing with my life. 🤬

Depending where you are for your few days, if you can get to a pharmacy I would go there with your tablets & explain what's happened. Occasionally I've forgotten my meds when I've gone away & the pharmacist has just supplied me a few pills to get me through the short period.

Thank you cat_alli; I can ask at the local M’sons pharmacy. Fingers crossed!

One whole tablet and cut one in half 😆

Thank you HashiFedUp! If you mean cutting with a knife though, I still bear scars from the last time I did that! 😱😂

I bought a week's supply on prescription charge last year when my husband opened an empty box on holiday!!!

Thank you Susieque21! Did they ask you for doctor details first? Your poor hubby...not what you expect, lol!

I use a small zip bag (not clear) and usually check I’ve got mine and daughter’s meds for the time we’re away. I remembered hers at least...grateful for small mercies, it would be harder to replace hers.

You could take 1 x 150 one day and 2 x 150 the next. That works out as 450 over 2 days which is what you're currently taking.

Thank you sapawa! Wow, my maths gene hasn’t just taken a hike, it’s gone to live somewhere else entirely! 😂 Much appreciated, and saves me buying a pill cutter!

My thoughts exactly, Hidden, so I’m working on it. I have a cunning plan, lol!

You're very welcome :-) Brain fog is the worst!

depends where you are geographically. My own experience is that pharmacists are quite good in this situation. Go chat to one and explain the problem. OD on this stuff I you might be unlucky and loose your inhibitions or worse, your temper, at exactly the wrong moment! Take your ID.

Thank you Winston77 and my apologies...I wrote a reply earlier but it hasn’t shown up so there’s every chance I forgot to press the magic button!

I am in the UK full time now but I have (by fault of doctor overseas) had an OD experience in my dim and distant past and I was lucky that it was actually quite good! 🤪😂 Lost weight, felt a-maz-ing, living the high life in Dubai. Probably a good thing that my UK doctor brought me back down to earth...but it was fun while it lasted! 🎉

I did go to ask at the M’sons pharmacy today but the usual helpful guy wasn’t there and the woman in his place was overheard asking the person in front of me to sign her life away for an OTC cough medicine, so I decided not to stress myself. It’s only till Tuesday, I’ll survive. 🙃😜

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