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Blood Pressure and adrenal test

HI All

My new blood pressure monitor arrived yesterday. I bought it so I could track blood pressure as I try and monitor effects of thyroid meds/T3 and also adrenals. I have been hypo for about 7 years.

I did have very weak adrenals for about 6 years but I feel they have really improved over last 18 months. And while they are not perfect yet, they have improved it is just DHEA that's off the bottom of the scale.

Quick question - I seem to to remember that if your blood pressure drops when you are standing then it is a sign of adrenal problems. I have just taken mine and here are the results

Sitting blood pressure - 101/61 pulse 56

Standing bp- 106/70 pulse 59

These look pretty good to me and confirm my adrenals are doing ok now - am I right?

Many thanks


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I'll be interested to know!


It certainly looks good. How do you feel? It would be interesting to repeat this on a day when you are feeling tired or a little off to see if you get the same results.


My endo told me a few weeks ago that low blood pressure is a sign of struggling adrenals. Mine was fine but he did a quick blood test anyway and that has come back suspect. Must add that myself and my endo had had a few heated discussions during my appt so maybe that's why my blood pressure was fine (in other words it could possibly have been on the low side but after an hour of fighting my corner it raised to normal level)

Would be interested to know how you have improved your adrenals if they were struggling 6 years previous.

Moggie x


HI all

Thanks for the feedback. I do feel pretty good, bit low energy but to be honest everyone I speak to feels like that, we need to get some sunshine!!

Re Moggie's question on improving adrenals - thats a difficult one to answer as I think it was a combination of a lot of things most of which are lifestyle based - which is a harder thing to fix - taking supplements is the easy bit! Here are my thoughts on why my adrenals have improved - not very scientific....

1) Exercise - I do exercise which some people seem to think is bad for the adrenals and some think it is good - i guess it depends on your viewpoint and how bad the adrenals are. For me personally I find exercise gets rid of my stress, tensions and gives me some 'me' time as well as I think boosting my mood and sense of well being. If I can exercise then I dont feel so much like a knackered old has been! So it makes me feel good.

2) Work - I had been working extremely hard and wasnt getting a lot of job satisfaction and had a very young family so was completely stressed out. I was lucky enough to be able to take a break from work, have a supportive husband and my kids are a bit older now and so it isnt so draining. This has made a big difference. The challenge now is to find a new job that isnt so demanding!

3) Food - I do eat well, healthily and most importantly I always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I used to skip breakfast a lot and then catch up on coffee and sweet things to get energy - not good.

4) Pills - I am on 125mg of T4 and 40mg T3 - I may need to change this based on latest resutls I am waiting on. and doc thinks I will have to take DHEA again I also take Evening primrose oil, vit D and vit b12.

It has taken a long time for my adrenals to improve - years really not months - but then I guess they dont go downhill overnight so getting them uphill again takes a wehile.

I still have hair loss issues which really affects me and I still cant figure out if they are adrenal of thryoid based or because of my low DHEA. That is my final quest!!



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