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Struggling to loose weight

My doctors say my levels are now fine and I currently take 100mg of levothyroxin but I cant seem to loose any weight..For two months now I have been trying and apart from an initial loss I have stayed the same..Its starting to get me down..I gave up smoking about 2 and a half years ago and at the same time my thyroid packed in..during this time I have put on 2 and a half stone and I'm so unhappy..Any advice would be greatly apreciated

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Doctors always say your levels are fine because they don't have an inkling what they're talking about. For the most part, hypos put on weight - sometimes an awful lot of weight - and the fact that you can't lose the weight you've put on says to me that you are still hypo.

Could go on and on about that, but I won't! lol Just say that never mind the 'fines' and the 'normal ranges' they dish out in the guise of a diagnosis, get the actual numbers! You have a legal right to know exactly what tests have been done and the results. Ask for a print-out and don't take no for an answer. Then you can post the numbers here (with the ranges) and people will be able to give you a considered opinion. But 'fine' just doesn't cut it!

Hugs, Grey


Get a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests results from your surgery. You are entitled and keep a copy each time you have a test for your own records. They must have the ranges of the test and the figures are in brackets. Post them here for members to comment.

If you are on a replacement dose of meds (to keep you within the reference range) it may be difficult to lose weight as your metabolism may be too low. Most of us feel better with a TSH below 1 or even suppressed.

This is a link

and the first letter on this page (there are other topics at the top of page which may interest you.


Well said peeps!

I like the height analogy that I heard on here. I could wake up at 5ft4 tomorrow and that would be a perfectly normal height for a woman. However, it's not normal for me! 5ft6 is normal for me and people don't just suddenly shrink 2 inches overnight! Each of us has our own, rather narrow, normal range for thyroid function tests. If we are outside this we will not feel well, even though we are within the normal statistical range worked out from the last 1000 blood tests taken by that lab. We are people, not statistics.


Hi Greygoose,

In my humble opinion, if you are not fully medicated then you will find it almost impossible to lose weight. (When you 'lose' weight your clothes will be 'loose')

I am almost optimally medicated on 120mcg T3 and started the 5:2 diet 7 weeks' ago - I have lost 12lbs thus far. This is the first time I have been on a diet and lost weight.

Good luck.


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