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impossible to loose weight?

I'm honestly so done. I have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, pcos, insuline resistence (slowly becoming a diabetes type 2). on top of that i have to take multiple medications to keep my hormone level stable and help with my many mental illnesses and they ALL cause weight gain and theres no alternative to them according to my doctors.

Im 1,70m and 100kg i eat around 700 calories a day and do a lot of outdoor activities with my dog and im generally a very sporty person. I have been on "diets" since my childhood 'cause my mother was abusive and decided to starve me would suddenly change my body type from an endomorph to an ectomorph which of course didn't work.

I'm almost 20 and I have literally been either starving or on dangerous diets my whole life now i have an eating disorder so eating is hard and I'm mostly starving.

I honestly don't know how to lose weight anymore. I've tried everything but all i manage is to keep my current weight.

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I hesitate to be seen as recommending anything - but everybody I know has had huge success following the whole30 protocol. Me included. It is very similar to other eating programmes where 're-setting' your body's metabolism is the objective. That means being focused and motivated for a while - 30 days in tnis case. The aim is not weight loss though the majority who need to shed weight do so. Others report a huge improvement in how they feel - mentally and physically.Others find awful things like exercise intolerance ( essentially collapsing after exercise) stops -after years of being plagued by it while some stop snoring within the 1st week...( ok, that's me I'm talking about. 😊)

You may find all kinds of improvements...

You will need to give up ALL grains - no beans, lentils, rice or wheat, corn, barley -as well as sugar and dairy. Then it's as much meat, fish, vegetables and eggs as you need ( and maybe you'll need to eat more than you've been used to) and reasonable quantities of nuts and fruit. 3 meals a day and eating a darn sight more than 700 calories.

You'll find loads of info online. And it is for just 30 days...though many move from that onto a less restricted Paleo-style plan.

Good luck.


I hope you will keep mentioning it, catrich. I think my post goes along with yours.

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Hi Moonqoddess. I'm sorry to hear about your struggle. Often times if we aren't optimally medicated on thyroid medication it's impossible to lose weight. On top of this symptoms persist and people are often diagnosed with mental conditions when in fact these are thyroid related symptoms, I can't guarantee this is your case but I think it's worth it to investigate to rule anything out.

Do you by any chance have some recent thyroid blood results to show? It would be great if you could post the results here so we can see if something's off (you'd be surprised some doctors really don't know how to dose thyroid meds).

We would need to see TSH, FT3 and FT4 along with any other thyroid results you have. Also would be good if you had vitamin B12, D, folate and ferritin results as these are often low in thyroid patients, and also need to be corrected to help improve quality of life and rid ourselves of symptoms.

Also just so you know low calorie diets cause havoc on thyroid and can actually be the cause of hypothyroidism, just a warning since I've gone down that road myself and only put on more and more weight.


Hi moonqoddess, i 've also underactive thyroid, leptin and insulin resistance.

I've tried almost everything to lose my weight but failed.

The only thing that helped me was Zoe Harcombe diet- i'm still undermedicated but i'm loosing weight!

Also found Dr. Westin Childs site - there're a lot of information about thyroid, extra weight, insulin and leptin resistance, it was extremly helpful for me.

Good luck.


Our bodies, trying to be helpful, go into panic mode if they feel they aren't getting enough food to keep you going so hang onto everything they can when you are trying to get rid so it really is more food-of the right type-means less weight! I bought myself an app, can't think whstcits called now but I do my weight daily and I get a graph as well as a list. It also gives you a plus/minus result allowing for changing bodily functions and although I only lost a minute amount each day it soon became apparent I was going in the right direction and that feels great and helps you to stick with it.

It must be hard though to eat more when you find that a problem but start to add as much as you feel comfortable with and I'm sure if you see even a minute amount of progress it will help you slowly to improve. I hope you soon improve but get your vitamins checked and post your tesults for comments and we can advise what to increase. Once to are feeling better with that, but it doesn't happen overnight, then I'm sure you will start to move forward.


Hi moonqoddess, I agree with catrich and when you add lots of good fats (I've discovered avocado oil and love it) you won't feel at all deprived. The object in my mind is to break insulin resistance and switch back to burning fat for fuel (which the body wants) instead of carbs. You are really forcing this and the only discomfort I find is sometimes your stomach feels at war. It's a good war. I would also use apple cider vinegar from the healthfood store because it breaks down starch which is the real culprit. I have not seen that particular diet but during Izabella's wonderful videos, The Thyroid Secret, the acupuncturist mentioned an autoimmune disease and I looked into it. Someone on you tube found a remedy using the apple cider vinegar. The idea is that starch feeds a certain bacteria at a certain place in the gut and as you know bacteria can do some powerful things. Please give it a try, just two teaspoons of vinegar with each meal and if you are having a salad you will be all set. Make it with avocado oil. Sugar of course is out. I've posted something about enzymes recently and that will give you a double whammy because the enzymes scoop up leftover debris from all the detox. Don't give up on yourself.

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