best loose weight

best loose weight

hi , i have NO THYROID after THYROID CANCER in 2005 , i am on 250mg of thyroxine a day and have blood tests to make sure my T3 is well surpressed !!! to stop any cancer thyroid cells developing in my blood stream. i weigh 31st and have tried loads to loose weight and no diets seem to work at all !!! im accussed of being a pig by docs and had numourous offers of stomach clipping , bannding etc but i could die from the op so bugger that as i might not loose the weight and concidering i have fighted for all these years to beat cancer i hardly want to put myself at risk of dieing as i have no high blood pressure , im not diebetic , no high colustral , in fact im very fit !!! can anyone suggest food diet for me. ive a lot of fluid in my system cos radiation cocked my lymph draiage system up so i have been having wrap treatment to move this and have very good legs again that should of given me a 3kg weight loss but it hasnt. please help x

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  • HI smudgeeco, I think you mean that you make sure your TSH is well suppressed, don't you? Because if your T3 were suppressed... well, it doesn't bear thinking about! lol So do you know what your T3 is? Just testing the TSH isn't enough - especially if you have no thyroid!

    Diets won't help you when you're hypo. It probably isn't even real fat, but a mixture of fluid and myxodeoma. Ignore doctors, they know nothing about nutrition, weight, or the losing of it.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hello Smudgeeco, I too have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer in 2003, and have struggled with all sorts of issues including weight.

    I have found that being on T3 has helped, and getting B12 injections every 4 weeks, good levels of D3, folate, and ferritin.

    I agree with greygoose, don't listen to the doctors, you will find the information you need on this site. it is thanks to all the advice and information on here, that I am finally getting better.

    Good luck! x

  • Hello Smudgeeco, I have thyroid cancer too. I'm not too overweight but I can't loose weight even if I try. The only time I lost weight was when I was feeling really ill with anxiety and depression but I wouldn't recommend it, it was horrible.

    If you are feeling in good spirits then that's a good thing. I don't know what the answer is. I've been reading about how the endocrine system works and it's complicated but it makes sense to find out whether you have enough t3 in your body.

    I read that T2 is one of the thyroid hormones that helps with weight control but your body has to make T2 from T3 so if you are low on T3 your body might not make enough??? I don't understand it all yet but it sounds like Margo has found t3 helpful. I'm thinking of looking into it too.

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