Feeling Awful

For the last couple of months I have had very aching arms, legs and my hips, the its your "thyroid" as the doctor says, but Im not so sure, every blood test I have had in the last six months my inflammation markers have been getting higher the range is 12-22 and mine have been 22,24, 25 and last one 29 so it proves there is some sort of inflammation in my body which I have been telling them for ages. My mother has an underactive thyroid like myself and also has just been diagnosed with Polymyalgia which symptoms are the same as mine.

I ache so much I dont know what to do with myself.

Think its an appointment with the dr tomorrow but I hold out no hope because I know they will say its your "thyroid".

Wish me luck.


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  • Well, if they are saying it's "thyroid", what are they doing about it? If they are convinced it is your thyroid then they need to be changing your treatment, perhaps trying T3 or NDT. They certainly shouldn't be dismissing it like that!

    It could well be some sort of autoimmune thing. It could also be vitamin D deficiency. Ask for antibody tests (esp thyroid given that he's convinced your thyroid is the problem!)

    Stick to your gun. I hope you get somewhere tomorrow.

    Carolyn x

  • They are not doing anything about my thyroid apparently that is in the hands of the endo who I am seeing in April, I last saw him in February and all he seems interested in is my "borderline diabetes" which I am having a GTT test for next week and yes I have a vit D deficiency it is 25 whatever that means and I am on Vit D tablets 4 a day.


  • That is low for vitamin D. My GP was concerned when mine was still 62! I had been taking supplements for 3 months but apparently it was still too low. You must be feeling terrible! Vitamin D seems to help prevent inflammation so you may be right that there is inflammation.

    Your endo seems as useful as a chocolate teapot! Is he not aware that type 2 diabetes can be a result of hypothyroidism? Ugh! It must be so frustrating for you having to work with these doctors :(

    I hope you get somewhere with them.

    C x

  • Thanks Carolyn, I do feel terrible but I feel a hypochondriac keep going back to the doctros just to be told its your "thyroid".

    I just dont seem to be getting anywhere fast and all i seem to be doing is waiting.


  • Is there anywhere I can quote from in connection with type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism. I really have to get to the bottom of my son having such a low T3 level - 3.5 and to of the range T4, so will have to have a go at the useless endo again?

  • The only information I could find online was that people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to develop hypothyroidism, rather than the other way round :(

  • low vitamin D was the cause of my wrist, elbow and rib-cage pain and muscle spazms - I've avoided bilateral carpal & cubital tunnel surgery by supplementing (3-4000iu a day drops) as Vit D works with calcium (you should have a test for calcium too) magnesium & K2 also help,

    and don't forget irons ferritin, folate and B12 - all in the mix to feel better. If you can't get anywhere with Thyroid meds until you see an Endo, at least you can try supplementing.

    GP said years ago I have 'some sort of inflammation' - never investigated, I suppose it was my Thyroid nodule... but I wish I knew a few years ago about the importance of vitamins/minerals, before MRIs, x-rays, nerve conduction tests, prodding & poking! etc. J :D

  • I also have PA which was diagnosed last October and have B12 injections every 3 months.


  • how do you feel after the B12 injections?

    J x

  • Hi Tina, I'm convinced the pain is caused by the vitamin D. I have tested it out with three periods of time that I've taken vitamin D, stopped and restarted. Very achy bones. My level was 22 and now up to 37 so I guess it is worth it. Hopefully it is a good sign.

  • Find the links here on B12 deficiency. I started B12 sublingual hollandandbarrett.com/pages... my aching legs went away..... I thought I had arthritis and osteoporosis...)

    after reading up and watching this

    By the way the deputy chairman of the BMA has tweeted this video.

    Joint this site too


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