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Feeling awful

I found out that I have an overactive thyroid a few weeks ago, still waiting to see the specialist on 24th April, but things have taken a real turn for the worse and I'm not sure what to do!

I am stuck in a complete State of utter panic and nervousness, I physical can't stop shaking with the tremor that was barely there a few weeks ago.

My heartrate on resting is well over 100, this morning before I'd got out of bed it was 136 Bpm!

I feel like, and probably present as if Im having a nervous breakdown! I'm anxious and scared and panicky constantly at the mo.

There's so many more things but in general Im feeling really ill. I know very little about thyroid problems so I don't know if I would be laughed at and sent away if I go to a&e, as suggested by my friends and family?

Any advice would be really great, thanks all x

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Have you been started on Carbimazole yet? If not, you need to be and frankly should go to A&E, as you should never have been left in this state. You also need a beta blocker, just until carbimazole gets to work. This is a serious disease and you should be under somebody's care right now. Watch your iron levels once you get help, because doctors never think about it and you will use up your iron very quickly being hyper.

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Hi, Its really horrible... I have been briefly overactive and was really miserable. You could ring the endo and ask for any cancelled appointments, You can ask the doctor for some beta blockers to help calm it all down, or if no joy you could turn up at a and e. They definitely won't laugh...

When you had your blood tests done at the docs, did you think to ask what the numbers were? And if you had antibodies?

if you ask your docs for a copy of the results, it might give us more of a clue about what might be causing the over active thyroid. There is a chance it could just be a temporary blip.

(You are legally entitled to a copy of the results.)

Xx. G


Hi. It is the worst thing. In accordance with other responses about Carbimazole and beta blockers, I honestly think you should go to a and e today. I think with your resting heart rate as it is you may be hypercalcemic as well. Be prepared to be admitted. You'll get sorted much faster. You should never have been left like this, especially with a long holiday weekend looming. Good luck.


Thanks for your replies, I can't have any beta blockers because I have pretty bad asthma, my doctor wouldnt give me anything because Im on a lot of meds for existing health issues. So she wanted a consultant to do it instead!

My results were:

My Serum free T4 level= 26.6pmol (normal 12.00-22.00 pmol)

My Serum TSH level= <0.01miu/L

(normal is 0.20-4.20miu/L)

I was primarily being tested to check bone profile so these Are all they tested for. This was on 10th March so it's been a while.

As I don't know much about it I don't know if they are that bad or not.



No, they arenT too bad.... The free t4 is a little over range, but the feedback loop looks like its working because the tsh had dropped.... You really need to know your free t3 though and its impossible to say you are hyper without knowing this....

You also need some antibody testing......

Are you sure the asthma meds are ok? Your heart rate can rise a. Lot if the asthma isnT treated properly.

Its probably worth you having a look at adrenal function too..... You can get a saliva adrenal test for about £70.....

Xx G


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