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Raised TSH levels, again? Can someone help please?

Hello all :) Last summer I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Levels last year: TSH 7.9, T4 was in the normal range but keeps dropping within the normal range (can't remember exactly what it was). And they also tested the thyroid peroxidase antibody's which were at 1117 IU/ml.

I was put on Levothyroxine, 50 mcg, 1 tablet daily. My TSH levels dropped to 3.5 in september and I started to feel better but then my well being decreased again, so badly that I really believe that there is something more than seriously wrong with me. Well, blood given, some results are back.. TSH raised again to nearly 9, urea and bilirubin above the normal range and there is not one part of my body not hurting. I have the feeling that my well being decreased since I had the flu last november, which turned bacterial into a bad chest infection.

My throat seams to have gotten bigger as well and little lumps on both sides and swollowing hurts, not badly but it is often uncomfortable but doesn't feel like a throat infection. When I lay down it feels like I get choked. I wonder, what caused the increase in TSH again after already being in the normal range? Any answers would be appreciated, thank you! :)

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How long have you been on your 50mcg Levi. It sounds as if you need it raising as your TSH Should be around 1 and yours seems will feel worse with this level of thyroxine.Go back and see your Dr.



Hi It also sounds as if you need some T3, script. Make sure you have a free T3 test, if GP cannot offer to pay him ( about £10) or use the site, Also other tests? vit D ( hormonal) specially if low effects the thyroid.

Best wishes,



Hello pippadoll, on Levo for about 7 months. After TSH dropped I got told to come back in 6 months, for a check up. Check up now revealed TSH nearly 9. Got an appointment next week, this time I won't give up wothout a fight ;-)

Jackie, thank you. Next monday appointment with GP and I ask her for all the tests, willing to pay, I don't mind as long as I feel better... :-(

Thank you so much :-) x


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