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TSH 10.25 someone please help!

Hi I need advise.

I had blood work done TSH 10.25, T4 12.4 which is in normal range. The doctor told me to increase my dose from 75mg levothroxine to 100mg which I did.

Increasing my dose has made it harder for me to get to sleep and has made me wake up earlier. I also believe this increase has led me to become sick with the flu as I'm not getting enough rest.

Why is is TSH levels raised if T4 is in normal range?

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Well, that's not strictly true. Not when you're on thyroid hormone replacement. :)

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Because the ranges are too vast. You don't give the range for the FT4, but it looks low. It really needs to be up the top of the range.

And, not only that, it could be that you don't convert very well, and your FT3 is even lower.

Just because something is 'in-range', doesn't make it 'optimal'. Your doctor did the right thing, giving you an increase in dose. You will probably need a couple more increases in the not-too-distant future. Your sleep will probably calm down once you get used to the increase. But, it might be a good idea to have your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested. Nutritional deficiencies can cause all sorts of problems. :)


Free t4 is 12.4. Range is between 11 and 22.

Vit D is 51 normal range is 25-150

B12 is 607 normal range is 197-771

Folate is 17.8 which is more than 2.5

Don't think ivr ever had a ferritin test.

I'm going to switch between 75mg one day and 100 the next. Felt very unwell with it and I've been on that dose 4 weeks now. Do you think it should have settled down by now? 4 weeks is a long time.


Four weeks is the blink of an eye, in thyroid terms. But, do try the alternate dosing. And, when you're comfortable with that, you can try going higher. Your FT4 is very low, so your FT3 will probably be low, too. And it's low T3 that causes problems.

Your Vit D looks low. But you don't give the units of measure - are you in the UK? If so, it needs to be more like 100. Your B12 and folate are OK, but you really do need the ferritin tested. :)

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Thanks. Yes I'm in the UK. I'm taking a multi vit now with vit d in it so that should cover me.

I'll try alternating for a while and then try to increase my dose.


I very much doubt it! lol Multivits are a huge waste of time and money. I very much doubt there's enough of anything in one to bring your levels up - certainly not to treat a true deficiency. And there are so many more reasons why multivits are just useless. I've never seen one I would recommend to anyone.


TSH of 10.25vis definitely not normal and neither is a free t4 of 12.4

clearly your gp has no idea how to treat hypothyroid for a copy of the PULSE article and take it to your GP

its by Dr Toft and from GPs own magazine on how to correctly treat hypothyroid


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