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can anyone help regarding underactive thyroid levels

hi everyone i have underactive thyroid and was taken 100mg of thyroxine for 6 years,last sept i put on 14lbs in 2 months and started to feel unwell again,i had blood test and was advised by my gp to take 150mg,after 2 months went back for a blood test and was told my levels were now fine but i was still feeling unwell,that was5 months ago and i still havent lost any of the weight i put on,i do feel better but not my normal self,my gp wont listen to me and says my levels are fine and wont send me to a specialist,my levels are




is this normal or could i have more thyrooxine to lode the weight and feel my normal self again.

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Hi sadiepeach,

Im not an expert but it would appear that your GP doesn't want to up your dose as your TSH could become surpressed. Your levels do look ok, but as you have said you still feel ill. Tell your GP you are not happy and want a second opinion and he has to send you. Look on this site under hospitals to find a good endo, you can also try Tell him who you want to see, they cannot deny you a second opinion.

Hope this helps.

Rose x



Your levels are better than mine, according to the books but does that mean so much?

The thyroid also interacts with the pancreas, so get your fasting blood glucose tested, my friendly California based Endo warned me to keep an eye on this for this reason, and that autoimmune diseases can bridge and attack other organs (Inc the pancreas) or you can just feel so awfully unhappy that you don't realise you are comfort eating too much sugar.

Hope this helps



hi Paul,thxs for yr reply i am a type 1 diabetic my gp has send me to see the diabetic doctor at my local hospital next week,my sugar levels are not too bad at the moment 7.00 when i had my last blood test,it just seems weird that my feeling unwell and gaining weight started when my thyroid started playing up again.


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