Not sure whether pregnant or not but just been told I have hypothyroidism

I'm 12 days late with my period, which makes sense because we have been trying for a baby. But, exactly one week ago they told me I have an underactive thyroid and now I am really concerned and hoping that I am not! My TSH level is 10.3 (range should be between 1 and 5?) and my thyroid level is 8.9 (range should be 10.3 to 22). So they put me on 25 mcg of levythyroxine, which I have started taking. I have also tried three pregnancy tests (admittedly, all from the same box) which came back negative, but I'm really worried because I've read that you can harm your baby if it doesn't get anough thyroxine in the first 11 weeks - and for now, if I am pregnant, I would fall in that window. Any suggstions? I am going to try another test tomorrow morning...but is it normal to skip a period when you start on the levythyroxine? I was already late by 4 days when I started taking it. Really grateful for any advice, and thank you for the entries already on here - very reassuring to know I'm not alone.

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  • Having an under active thyroid can mess your periods up. Some people's even stop completely for a while until they get their medication right so I wouldn't start panicing yet. Have you asked your GP for a pregnancy test - if not I would be phoning today and getting one done.

    As far as I know Thyroxine wouldn't make you miss a period, its more likely that the lack of thyroid hormone is doing that.

    Speak to your GP about your concerns.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie. I will be calling first thing tomorrow morning and asking if they can check it for me - I'm glad that your suggestion tallies with my thoughts too.

    I didn't actually have any symptoms of this condition before I was diagnosed - unless you think that getting lots and lots of minor infections over the past six months might be connected. I only went to the doctor because I had been ill every single month, sometimes twice a month, since September 2012, with sore throats and colds and tummy bugs and tonsilitis and pharyngitis and laryngitis...It was getting me down. But I don't have chronic tiredness, although I have to admit I did put on weight over the previous year. I have had - until now - regular and normal periods, which is why this occasion seems strange. But hopefully, it will just be that I've been so run down recently that my body has just taken a 'time-out'. Thanks again for replying.

  • Your welcome and yes some do seem to go down with a lot of bugs and then have trouble shifting them.

    Hope all goes well and keep us informed wont you.

    Moggie x

  • I think it is difficult to get pregnant when you are hypo and it can wreak havoc with periods. I had never had such a heavy period when it finally started. Yes, they certainly want you to be treated if you are pregnant and I wonder if it might be better not to let them know since it seems to hard to get treatment for people who are not pregnant.

  • Hi both, thanks again for your supportive comments. I am not pregant, thankfully - my period was simply two weeks late. I will be going to the doctor regularly from now on to make sure I measure my thyroid levels and get the correct dosage of levothyroxine.

    best wishes, and thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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