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Not sure what I have

Good morning for the US, I am new to this forum and having Thyroid issues. I just went to the Endo Tuesday, which more testing was ordered. I will be getting an RIA 123 uptake scan next week. Here are the results of al lab results to date.

Feb. - TSH- 0.01, March TSH-.01 April, .01 range none given

March, T4, Free- 1.8 Range .8-.18

T3, Total- 132 Range 76-181

Ultra sound Results:

Real-time ultrasoonography with color Doppler imaging shows enlarged thyroid gland. The right lobe measure 6.5x2.3x2.0 cm and the left lobe measuring 6.0x2.1x2.2cm. The isthmus measures 6mm in thickness. The echo pattern is nonhomogeneous. Normal vascularity is identified.

There are multiple nodules bilaterally in the thyroid gland. Some of the nodules are calcified in the right lobe of the thyroid gland. The largest nodule in the right lobe measures 1.3x1.0x1.0cm The largest nodule in the left lobe measures 0.9x0.7x0.6cm. There is also a nodule in the isthmus of the thyroid gland measuring 1.3x0.8x1.0cm.

April- TSH- .01

Free T4- 1.61 range .93-1.70

T3, Total- 144 80-200

Thyroglobulin AB 144 Range 0-115

Thyroperoxidase AB 139.9 range 0.0-34.0

Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin <1.0 range <=1.3

Vit D- 32.5 range 10.0-100.0

Iron, Total 66 range 40-160

Transferrin Sat 26 range 12-57

Iron binding Capacity 251 range 223- 400

Ferritin 101.7 range 13.0- 150.0

Vit B12 347 range 211-946

RIA 123 uptake- scheduled for next week? What advice or help can you offer. Thank you

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Hi and welcome.

Thank you for providing so much detail. This will be helpful for people who know about thyroid nodules.

I don't know much about thyroid nodules but your thyroid hormone levels seem ok although your TSH is suppressed. Your high antibody levels suggest you have an autoimmune thyroid disease such as Graves' disease or Hashimotos disease.

Do you have a diagnosis? Are you on medication?

I suspect the scan will help to determine exactly what you have.

Something I noticed in your labs is that your vitamin b12 and vitamin D levels could be higher. It's something you may wish to look at after your scan.

I hope everything goes well with the scan and that you get the appropriate treatment. If there's any other questions we can answer please let us know :)

Carolyn x


Thank you Carolyn, As you can see I have been in limbo since Feb. so it was pretty easy to put all the info I have out there. They have not put me on any medication yet. As for the b12 and D. I thought they were low as well even though they are in range per say. What is a good range for those levels.


Vitamin b12 is best above 500 - higher if you are supplementing. It is best to supplement with methyl b12 for most people. It is s good idea to also take a b vitamin complex as well as all the b vitamins work together.

The vitamin d council suggests 50ng/ml is the level to aim for. This is a little higher than the 30ng/ml minimum at most labs in the U.S. As you have thyroid antibodies you may find you need a slightly higher level than you currently have. If you decide to supplement, it is important to make sure your intake of magnesium and vitamin k2 is adequate and that you are supplementing with vitamin D3. Sensible sun exposure is even better because your body should make only the right amount of vitamin d and no more, therefore avoiding toxicity (around 150ng/ml).

I hope that helps.


Well, with those high antibodies - TPO and Tg - you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. When you have that, your levels of TSH, FT4 and FT3 (they did the wrong one, they did Total T3 which doesn't give you very much useful information) will vary from time to time, due to the antibodies attacking the gland. And if your doctors Don't know that, then you should change doctors! Because you will eventually go hypothyroid as more and more of the gland is destroyed, and you need someone who knows how to treat you.

A lot of people find that going gluten-free will lower their antibodies. It doesn't work for everyone, but Worth a try.

Sorry, Don't know much about nodules, except that most people have a few, and most of them are benign. If they are worried about one of them, they will do a FNA (fine needle aspiration) to analyse.

Your thyroid is probably enlarged because it's struggling to produce enough hormone. TSH doesn't always reflect thyroid status very well.

Hugs, Grey

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Thank you Grey, I was told that after the RIA scan he most likely will perform the FNA. He also did mention a gluten-free diet but never really said to start one. I will take this advice and start a gluten-free diet.

Thank you again, I will keep you all posted as soon as I have more info. Pray for good news after next weeks scan.

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Fingers crossed! :)

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Thank you greygoose. I'm keeping them crossed as well. Only two more days.

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