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can anybody help please

i have had underactive thyroid for quite a few years i am on thyroxin and have generaly been doing well . But for the last month i have had excessive triedness and feeling light headed and dizzy i have had swollen painful ankles i have been to the doctor's twice in the last month she didnt even look at my feet said my temp was up and orderd blood tests which they say have come back normal . i feel so ill with all the above i made another appointment today to see a different doctor at same practice but that isnt until 5th april should i do what i think is needed and increase my thyroxin on my own please if anybody has an input i would be very grateful thank you

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Hi tine - please could you get hold of your actual blood test results and post them on here together woth the ranges (figures in brackets - these need to come from your own report as they vary by lab). We have learnt not to accept "normal" as normal. Often there is scope for an increase, and this can mean the difference between feeling ill and well. Normal is not optimal :D xx


thank you will the surgery give them to me if i ask


Yes the surgery should give you a print out -it is your right. i just ask the recepetion staff at my practise and they print them out for me. Hmm your doc said your temp is up so how come they say it is nothing! It surely must be something! lol... Hugs x


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