thyroid results finally! from my gp!

hi guys i got my gp to finally send me my results, after waiting 8-week, he actually lied and said i wasnt entitled to them, anyway i put him straight lol

i hope i explain this correctly because it looks hard to understand, ive written it down exactly how it looks on paper, my symptoms are still in full affect, they are actually getting worse, all my symptoms point to a thyroid problem,

but my gp keeps saying am fine, but i really dont feel fine in any way at all, any advice would be good, many thanks guys/girls am really struggling with it all at the moment,


free t4 11.0 pmol/l 11-22.6

free t3 4.8 pmol/l 3.5-6.5

tsh 0.95 mu/l 0.2-4.0

thyroid peroxidase antibody 68 <60

i think the ranges are the second lot of numbers, the ones just after the pmol/l, but am not sure,

Many Thanks

Dan :)

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  • Your free T4 is low - have you just got the one GP at your surgery or can you go to someone else.

    Have you had any of your vitamins tested expecially vitD, B12 and Iron as these can mimic thyroid problems (expecially the VitD and B12).

    Sorry if I've gone over things that others have already said but better safe than sorry.

    Moggie x

  • hi moggie :) thanks so much for the reply, its funny you should say that because i was reading up on vit d deficiency and b12 just yesterday, and am gonna be getting both tests done in a few weeks through genova,i'll try the iron test too, i just got a iodine test done today, sent it off this morning to them, i dont know if a iodine problem would affect my thyroid but my friends dad whos a doc advised me to do it, so i thought why not, you never know, your advice is greatly appreciated moggie, i'll keep you posted x

  • Yes please do and if I had a friend who's dad was a doctor I would make him my BEST Just think of all that excellent advise absolutely free.

    Moggie x

  • This is a link to who have lots of info on their website.

  • thanks for that shaws, thats very helpful.

  • Hi As well as all the good advice you may eventually benefit from some T3 on a script, I doubt the GP would give it you on that results so that would be an endo. i think the most urgent thing is to increase the T4 and have another tests in 6 weeks and probably more increase then.When stable you should actually feel better!

    Best wishes,


  • yeah moggie your right im lucky to have him around, only problem is he is a urologist lol but still very good with advice, i may make him my besfriend your right haha

    Dan :)

  • hi jackie, thanks for your reply, is t3 the hormone am missing jackie? i had a test done by geneva before xmas and it said my t3 was high it was a full thyroid screen, it may have changed then i think since then, i will def be seeing a private endo soon to get the t4 sorted, its nice to know that they may be a time when i actually feel better, like a human being for a change lol, so its a case of keeping a eye on your thyroid over time to see if it changes? makes sense, :) thanks alot for that jackie, thats a big help, my antibodies are 68 and it says the normal range is 60 could this be whats affecting my thyroid too? x

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