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Hi, I've been hypo past 17 years and currently on 125 mcg thyroxine. For past couple years I've been feeling absolutely terrible. My main problem is very little energy and difficulty sleeping. I've never had much energy since hypo, but it's got a lot worse over past couple years, since the menopause has kicked in. My problem is worst at night when I am lying down I feel I need to make a conscious effort to breath! I know this sounds silly and breathing should be automatic, but mine seems to be very shallow and I frequently wake up having to gasp for breath and feeling that I'm slipping away.. its a very frightening experience and I wonder if anyone on this site has had similar problems? I've had cardiac and respiratory investigations and all normal. I'm convinced my hypo is not effectively treated despite the apparent normal blood results and this is what is causing my breathing problems at night and the exhaustion. I've decided that I need to do something more to help myself get better as the thyroxine doesn't seem to be working anymore. I'm due to have my bloods done and I'm considering asking GP for trial on Armour but I want to get as much info as possibly before I go in so I can make the best case as I'll probably only get one chance at it. I live in N. Ireland and have never seen an endo. Is there anyone out there from N.I. on Armour and if so did you get it from endo or GP? Any advice much appreciated x

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Your problems seem to be very similar to mine and its the type of thing people dont seem to understand unless they have been through it. I have asked my gp about other medication instead of thyroxine and she said nothing else was ever prescribed by them. Many years ago I attended Professor Hadden in the Royal in Belfast but honestly didnt think he was very good (he is now retired). I dont know what age you are (I am 63) but gp doesnt seem interested in my problems and says these things happen as you get older - lack of sleep has drained me and I feel really unable to cope at times. What area of NI do you live in - if you are around Belfast you might have a better chance of treatment. If you know of any support or discussion groups please let me know.

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Hi Cassandra,

I know it is difficult to explain the sleep problems, after a while people think you're neurotic or depressed or both! Sleep is so important for health and recovery, we need to do everything possible to try and get it back. My temperature at night is around 35.5 - 35.7 (lower than in the morning) and pulse slow, I am convinced my problems are thyroid related. I don't know of any support groups or forums for N.I. but I remember seeing someone's post on here a while ago and they talked about setting one up. Maybe someone else can let us know? I'm 54 now and have total exhaustion and sleep problems for past 2 years. I'm in mid ulster area. I haven't heard of a good endo in NI yet and in my 17 years of being hypo, I haven't seen any (was referred about 3 years ago, but GP rang to say endo felt no need to see me and just increased thyroxine over the phone!!) I'm seriously considering seeing Dr P at one of his clinics in England as need to get another few issues (adrenals, etc) sorted before Armour. Best wishes, let me know if you find anyone willing to prescribe Armour x


same here (am in N.I.) No help, usual from doc is to lose weight, or you are getting older, etc. It's an area they are not familiar with nor do they want to know. Any info from anyone on who to see in N.Ireland in terms of endo? What about best online discussion groups/sites? There are so many of us but so hard to get good info.

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Hi! I know this is an old post but did you ever find an endo in NI that was good?!


Hi I live in East belfast Iv been on 100mg of thyroxine for about 16years but Iv aslo had high bp I didnt know that my high bp is probably due to not getting the right thyroid medicine. I read so many blogs about people having high bp when they were on thyroxin tablets and most of them have seen great results when they went on Armour tablets or some other NDT tablets.I need to get something done about this as my bp is raising and my heart is racing I'm very short of breath ,I know if I go to my doc he will not listen about NDT tablets so we're do I get them in Belfast


Hello Dougie,

I emphasise. Read my Bio. It might be helpful for you to look at the Reversing Auto-Immunity - the perfect storm thread and DIO2 with vitamin B12. tests.

I currently have "improving" what was challenging Bradycardia and unfortunately experienced what you've described. Be persistent. I wear my Nike chest strap and watch and was able to monitor myself and went to A&E 3 times and eventually an eagle eyed cardiologist spotted what was happening.

My ECG was printing over 3 instead of 1 page. I found myself waking up choking last October. I reckon that's an involuntary back up system and then consciously having to breathe. It might be called "air hunger" ? thankfully I no longer have this happen.

The ThyroidUK office have names of alternative thinking Endo's and I think there are a couple in Dublin and Belfast the latter unconfirmed as yet.

Apart from the thread I've mentioned above. Check out your neck alignment particularly C3 and C6/C7. I'm currently looking at left upper and lower jaw as it has a direct connection through Vagus nerve to heart pacemaker.

In the meantime ensure you are getting the correct supplements - check out Vital Nutrition. and I found the back issues of Harmony the ThyroidUK magazine to be really well written and helpful.

Best Wishes



thank you so much for your advice everyone, sorry I haven't been on here for long time.

Thanks Mourneadventurer, I will try your suggestions


If you find out where I can get ndt will u let me no please x


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