Membership of Coeliac UK, change of policy for membership

Coeliac UK re now offering membership to those who are seeking a diagnosis or wanting to receive information to support friends and family with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis.

Previously you had to have a diagnosis to join, they have recently changed their policy.

Also, their is free membership until 30 April 2013

I've just joined online, there is lots of info for those wanting to avoid gluten.

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  • Hi Maddie

    I'm sure a lot of our people will be interested in this. Do you know how much membership will be after 30 April? I couldn't find the info during a very quick look on their website - thanks! :-)

    Also, I assume you have also posted this on GFG? :-)



  • Hi Louise - I thouht that some members would be interested as there are users of this forum who are following a gluten free diet but do not have a diagnosis of Coeliac disease. It is a very useful resource, in the past they did not permit full membership to those who did not have a diagnosis.

    Membership fee categories:

    Free membership until 30 April 2013 - then (unless they change from 1st May)

    Individual, £20 per year- for adults or parents and carers of a child under 16 years.

    Concessionary, £10 per year- as above for those on a reduced income, eg Registered unemployed, students and those on a State pension or benefits.

    Sorry, don't know what GFG is - Maddie

  • Hi Maddie

    Thanks, really helpful info! :-)


    x :-)

  • hi maddie ,i have coeliac disease ,do you ? was diagnosed at the end of 2010 i have been a member for 2 years and they send you very usefull magazines that are full of good info x

  • Hi Marsden

    Do you know what the cost will be after April? Thanks. :-)



  • Have sent you an email (to office) :)

  • Hi Marsden - I do not have a diagnosis but have just had a blood test with my GP. Having to eat gluten for a few weeks prior to the test has upset my digestive system so even if the test is negative I need to avoid gluten. I know that a negative result from the bood test is not always accurate but I'm not going to ask for a biopsy.

    I have a friend who has the condition and she passes on her magazines to me, getting access to the info on the coeliac UK site is goin to be very helpful.

  • hi ,i believe even if you havent got coeliac having a gluten free diet is better for your body anyway,but not always easy when your out as not many places cater for a gluten free diet. if you do have it it should show up in your blood.i had a blood test and it showed signs of coeliac but to get a actual diagnosis for certain you have to have a endoscopyfor thebiopsy which isnt pleasant,they put a tube down your throat while you are awake,i had to have two as the first was inconclusive. wouldnt fancy anymore either.if you ever want any advice or anything just drop me a line, i dont know anyone else with coeliac so good to chat to people in similar boat. x

  • Hi - I remember having an endoscopy when I was diagnosed with acid reflux. That's why I know that I could'nt go through the procedure again, I was terrified.

    I'll let you know if I have a positive result - Maddie

  • I think that you have to make a minimum donation of £5.00 to navigate the site after joining.

  • I believe its £10 for those who are on concessions (pensioners, benefits, low income etc, £20 for full membership. You get a Directory of all GF food from every source - Supermarkets, manufacturers etc which can be trusted, this is updated monthly. There is a helpline for information including a Dietician. The online info includes all the places you can eat out in the country as well as GF food lists, recipes, the list is endless. They help and support the prescription scheme so that people continue to get GF food on prescription. However I think it should be noted that they are a Charity and without membership and the money raised by that they could not do all the work that they do to provide all the information, help and support. So joining is very important if possible to support them carry on their work.

  • Just like Thyroid UK! :-)



  • Absolutely Louise, same for Hughes Syndrome Foundation! :-)

  • *like* x

  • Hi ChristineNeil - I did not make any donation. My membership is free until the end of April.

    I did see the donation section but just ignored it. When I got to the end of the registration process there were no charges due.

    I've just logged in and checked the members area, there was no charge for this - Maddie

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