HU/Thyroid UK membership: Now 15,000+

HU/Thyroid UK membership: Now 15,000+

Sometime earlier today, membership of this forum reached 15,000.

It took around two years from the start to reach 5,000; it has taken the next two years to reach 15,000.

Place your bets now, folk! How many members in April 2016?

I find it very sad that, apparently unlike some other diseases, a very large proportion of members join because they are not satisfied with their treatment at the hands of GPs, endocrinologists or others. We should be joining groups/forums to exchange general information and support each other. Not to get a diagnosis, have the basics of the disease explained, to find out basic information about medicines, even to find out how to get some from the other side of the globe.

Nevertheless, from time to time it does appear that progress is achieved. The more we here involve with companies that manufacture our medicines, organisations that control the medicines and doctors who prescribe them, the better chance we have of seeing changes - in the longer term.


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  • Well said Rod :-)

  • I would anticipate it could easily rise to 19,000.

    I keep coming across more and more people taking Thyroxine,just in my own area.

    Yes,it is very sad.We are so fortunate to have the advice and support we get here.

    I shudder to think how it would be for us all if HU/ THYROID UK didn't exist.

  • Indeed! I feel very lucky that I found you all fairly quickly. Thank you everyone xx

  • Hear, hear, Rod!

    I was handed some T4 by my GP and told "you'll be as right as rain in 3 months, thyroid is so easy!"

    I wasn't 'right as rain' and as we all know on here, it isn't at all 'easy'.

    If I hadn't found TUK, I'm not at all sure how or where I'd be. It's been a very steep learning curve, but I'm oh so very grateful!

    Oh, and I say 21.5K by April 16. Are you keeping a book? ;-). K.

  • That's not a bad idea! LOL! :)



  • Absolutely right, Rod. There is nothing worse than narrow minds that will not look outside the box, and your post brings to mind a quote from a doctor whose work has helped my family to break through the misery of long term thyroid dysfunction caused by those narrow minds:

    “Most men can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, have proudly taught to others, and have woven thread by thread into the fabric of their lives.”

    Dr. Richard Shoemaker.

  • I have learned so much since joining this site a year ago. It's great to be able to post questions and receive knowledgeable replies. I fid it very sad that so many people are being so badly treated or not treated by NHS and the shocking impact it has on their lives, having to move out of their homes or go on benefits. I wonder what proportion of the population is affected by ill health that is not treated or diagnosed, not jut thyroid issues? Let's hope the numbers carry on doubling, (frightening though if that is a measure of how many people are ill and not treated,)so that we have a loud voice and get some action from the so called Health Service.!

  • that just goes to prove that the advice , knowledge, compassion and above all empathy that is freely given on this site to help others is in my opinion second to none and I am certain that I am not the only 1 or 2 thousand that have come to that conclusion ......well done to all involved .....please take a bow [ and have a very well deserved glass of your favourite ] ..... you good people here have helped MY ENTIRE FAMILY through this and we will NEVER EVER FORGET IT guesstimation would be at least 22000 [ could be a possible way of raising funds for the future though ].....alan xx

  • As there are a large minority of people who don't do well on levothyroxine, and there is a dearth of credible websites in the uk, it it not hard to envisage the numbers going upwards. 60 million people, 4 per cent of these with recognised thyroid problems. =2,400,000. Of which 15% fail on levothyroxine only. The problem is that the endos dare not step out of line. Their jobs are more important than our health.

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