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This petition still needs help, thank you to those who have signed, and I need people to share it as well as signing. The scandal of Staffordshire and other hospitals is appalling, the DoH have had the paper attached to this petition for a very long time. Staff were bullied and lost their careers for speaking out on behalf of patients. If even 100 people signed and passed it on to ten people etc, that would get it going. It needs to be placed everywhere, and shared by email, twitter, facebook etc. Some have come forward now and offered to place it on other websites which is great:#


Mary F

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  • Please take the time to read this as the title is a little misleading. Its such a shame its not getting the signatures it deserves. If anyone was appalled by what happened at Mid Staffs then you should sign this because it would go along way to stop it happening again and help those who want to come forward without fear of losing their jobs and further reprisals.

    Please help with this. It takes just a minute xx

  • Thanks: This is mirrored across the UK and more will come out. Currently patients who put their heads above the parapet get absolutely dreadful responses, and in the main staff are bullied out of their careers.. Dr Pal blew the whistle very very early on, and for her efforts lost her career. We need things to be fairer for staff and patients. The 15.7 billion litigation bill is leaking like a severed artery with everybody forced into litigation... some of that money would be better served towards more staff, more services and thus lead to less complaints. Thanks for your support. Mary F x

  • Good point Mary my sister and I have overheard misguided patients thinking this is Staffs only - but it is Nationwide - e.g. "well my gran is safe because she's not in hospital in Staffs " eek if only that were true! - come on folks we need an open honest system.

  • Yes, this petition could have literally thousands of signatures, with it being passed on: MF x

  • Also... more staff, more services would be cheaper than the vast litigation bill. MF x

  • Signed and forwarded to friends x

  • Thanks this is just what is needed. Mary F x

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