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Referral to Haematologist....persistently low ferritin...anyone else ...thanks

Thyroid removed 23 years ago due to Ca...battled with low ferritin for 10 plus years ranging from 4.2 to 27...finally managed to get it up to 43.6 last month,now crashed to 23.2 ish...also just started on NDT...I follow all the advise and have worked very hard on building all the ferritin and iron levels up...not menstrual or gastric related as all the investigations have come back clear...any suggestions... I requested a referral to a haematologist...I know about the link and raised hydrochloric acid and reduced red blood cells and hypo link but really baffled and fed up as I need optimum levels of ferritin (70-90) for optimal conversion for the NDT...really appreciate any feedback..Many thanks

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If you did not already notice it, you might find my fairly recent blog, and the responses, of some interest:



Thanks again Rod...I have taken floradix for years plus 2 grams of vit C daily, spa tone and a gentle iron formula with cheated iron more readily absorbable( I gave up on all the ferrous furmarates etc) Homeopathic remedy had also helped ..but then I get a crash somewhere...they have looked at all tumour markers etc...Is it because I eventually started on armour/ therefore resulting in being hypo??

Thanks again


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