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Thyroid results

Hi Im back again, as requested i have my thyroid results

June 2012

TSH 0.04 Normal is 0-3.5

Serum Free T4 26 Normal is 8-19

Levothyroxine reduced from 200 to 150 even though feeling really well Doctor still insists on reduction of medication

October 2012

TSH 1.06 normal as above

Serum Free T4 12 normal as above

feeling very ill, return to see another doctor who suggests 150 and 175 alternate days

still don't feel right but better than on 150.

Please let me know what you thin??????

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I'd say you may have 'missed your sweet spot'. i.e. the dose that works for you personally.

The reduction from 200 to 150 was excessive and uncalled for. It should have only been reduced to 175mcg daily, with a retest in no more than four weeks.

So that would be my next move if I were in your shoes... increase to 175mcg daily, then retest and re-assess in four weeks to see how you're feeling then and how this relates to your test numbers.


I don't understand why it was reduced when I was feeling well. the Doctor tried to say i could have an heart attack or stroke because he said i was hyper even though I didn't have any symptoms.

Even on the 200 i still didn't lose any weight even with dieting so there is something wrong somewhere. x


....are you converting T4 into T3 - sometimes people have a problem with this. A test would assist in finding this out. T3 is the only active thyroid hormone as far as we know and required in every cell in your body. If you had a very low/suppressed TSH and a HIGH FT3 then you may well become Hyper.


Doctor reduced your dosage because you feel well so you didn't need high dosage of levothroid.


I don't have a thyroid so I do need a high dose????

I was feeling great on 200 & my t4 had been 25 before and the doctor who has retired now said that was fine because the specialist said he wanted me high as it was several years before they actually picked the thyroid problem up.


Better you change your Doctor.


Hi When I was first treated only my FT3 was low, always tested then. Try and get a Free T3 test, pay if necessary., Then if it is below range and you do not feel well ask for some T3 on a script , it will lower the tSh a bit ,so it may need an endo to prescribe your tSH is low in range.That may make all the difference.The fact that you had surgery is now irrelevant, it is how you are now that counts.

Best wishes,



Yes that is irrelevant but the fact that I haven't got a thyroid isn't, I'm obviously going to be on more than some people because those with a thyroid and hashimotos will still to a certain extent produce some thyroxine.

I agree with you that I think I need to try t3 but doctors don't listen and try to say the symptoms are all in my head, I hardly think that 3 operations due to constipation is in my head!!!!


Leslie, there's been discussion on the timing of your blood tests. They've been saying to have it done very early and do not take your medication for the day. Did you do that? This is to make your TSH look as high as possible so it doesn't misrepresent it.

Of course, I've just done this and hadn't taken any thyroid med for 24 hours before and still had the lowest TSH I've ever had at 1.6 so now I'm not sure if this works for everyone. I should add I did have very low FT4 and FT3 as well, they were barely above the minimum.


No I haven't tried that, but my brother who is in the medical profession has told me to cheat the system and don't take it for a few days before. The blood test is on Monday so I'm not going to take it all weekend. I'm making an appointment next week to see the doctor my husband says he's coming because I want to try T3 and I am scared if asking.

They have messed about with my meds for several years now and I've had enough, if he won't prestige T3 then I am going to tell him I will but it off the internet.


Sorry I mean not take it all weekend


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