My guess2give Thyroid UK fundraising event - HaNoWriMo

Now I've been feeling a fair bit better on more T3, I've finally bit the bullet and committed to doing the fundraising event for Thyroid UK that I've been mulling over for a few months. I didn't feel I could do anything very physical still but my brain is working better already and I decided to go for an event around something I enjoy and should do more of - writing.

Though it's not til April, I'm pimping it out already to give plenty of time for guesses to come in - the thing to guess is exactly how many words I will manage to write during the whole month of April. I won't be making any comments to anyone about my progress (or lack of, who knows) so the guesses will have to be pure speculation.

Here's my page

I know a lot of people on here can't afford to donate anything due to job situations and the costs of supplements/private treatment etc, but if you know others, friends or family, who might be tempted to do so (since with guess2give they could win money if lucky with their guess) then please pass the link on. :)

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  • What a good idea Hanzaplatz!

    Can we put it up on the main Thyroid UK website too? We have a 'Sponsor a Fundraiser' page for events like this.

  • Of course, I'm happy with any sharing of it to get more guesses and so more funds raised. :)

  • Brilliant!!


    Thanks so much!! :-)

    What are you writing?



  • A book of fairytales, just not the ones for kids, more Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson kind of tone.

  • ooo, cool!! :-) I would be interested in reading it! :-) x

    Have guessed - NO idea whether I am even in the ballpark!! lol! xx

  • Thanks, you're my first guesser! :)

  • That's thoughtful of you. I do know the Thyroduk office is desperate for a computer.

  • Yes, I read that in the the membership magazine. Don't know how much is needed, or how much I'm gonna raise - just aiming for as much as possible - but I've spread the link about all the social network sites I used. I'm going to email it to family and friends later this evening too. I hope I can raise a nice amount and maybe help with that.

  • Every little helps and it mounts up to a larger amount.

  • This is so nice of you Hannah! :-)

    Any chance we can have a pic of you to add to the webpage?



  • I've not really got any recent pics, but shall see about taking one sometime in the next week. Where should I send it to once I have one?

  • Hi Hannah

    email to me -



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