Had a good morning taking Thyroid Posters around my local area.........immediately accepted in my GP's surgery,library and greengrocers.I then came back to the shopping parade just up the road from my home ......more success in the bakers and then last call at the super market,where the manager said ..... Oh yes...I'll take one of those..... My wife will be interested in reading it as her CAT is under active !!

Well there you go then,what could I say?

I came home happy that I'd spread the word a little and saw my neighbour who is also " Hypo" and has offered to put one on the notice board at the Senior School where she works. With that amount of willing support I will print some more......after putting the kettle on ! X

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  • Wow! That's fantastic! Nice work!

    Carolyn x

  • Fantastic marfit! What a great reception from everyone. Jane x

  • Good for you and definately a well deserved cuppa. Bet the cat gets better treatment that we do

    Moggie x

  • well done marfit!

    I was browsing at my surgery last Wednesday (waiting for the usual blood tests) - NO mention of Thyroid - I've asked before - no leaflets, no posters, just local Shropshire mag allowed. grr! I guess I will just have to be sneaky J x

  • Maybe we should have an advert in the Shropshire mag! Janet.


    and what support forum do we see attached in green? (via HU) how to link info to your local surgery is another matter 'tho.

    I even asked about a Thyroid clinic (just as common as diabetes, but they've got one) - got a surprised look & another 'no'

  • Where did you get the posters please, and can I get some?



  • If you look in the pinned days ago Louise Warville posted for Thyroid Awareness week from where you could download and print out the posters.

  • On the main Thyroid UK site, here:

    There is lots else on the site as well. Worth a good read round.


  • Thanks Road and Marfit - I obviously missed this.


  • As TAW itself has passed for this year, here is the direct link to the TAW post on HU for the benefit of anyone reading this thread after the post has been 'unpinned'.

    Of course, no-one needs to wait for TAW in order to distribute Thyroid UK posters. This is an important way to spread awareness of thyroid disorders all year round! :)

  • Hi - I'm the neighbour mentioned in this post & marfit's continued support has been great & I know this website/support group has meant that she has far more knowledge to pass on to me. I definitely think there will be a few teachers in my school who are suffering from under or over active thyroid, so I hope this poster helps a few out there.

  • Thanks! :)

  • The NHS don't pay for a thyroid clinic so forget it!! GP's only hold clinics they get paid for such as diabetes, healthy heart and pre - natal.

  • Not true, we have a thyroid clinic in our area! Not that it's of any use though :(

  • Aren't you the lucky one? Bet its supported by a drug company doctors don't do things out of charity these days!!!

  • Not quite sure what you're saying here. The thyroid clinic is part of the hospital service and nothing directly to do with my doctor or surgery. I think it's simply a way of organising ultrasound and endo appointments really, confining them to the 'slots' available during 'thyroid clinic' times.

    Previously, thyroid patient endo appointments used to be scattered in between diabetic patient appointments. And if my GP wants to refer a patient for a thyroid ultrasound, he has to make a clinic referral now, whereas before he could do it himself. So I'm not convinced that our particular variant of thyroid clinic is at all useful or advantageous. Nevertheless, it is a thyroid clinic.

  • Well done you! Not quite sure what we'll do when they phone about their cat however....!? ;) LMAO!



  • Thanks for giving me a laugh Louise X.... I've never had a cat but we have one visit our shed roof and it lies around up there sunning itself all day.

    So,I do know from all the knowledge I pick up here that it can't be short of VIT D !! XX

  • lol! xx

  • Doctors Surgery! You deserve a medal Marfit. Our GP looks daggers at me if I mention the dreaded T word - it just doesn't exist in his book I think. Janet.

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