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Does anyone know what could be wrong with me?

I am 23 but my body is really not letting me live a happy fulfilled life. I have an autoimmune disease already and I have a feeling my thyroid isnt' very good. I'm very cold all the time, my body aches all the time too. My joints (especially my knees) often feel heavy. I have a very low mood and quite often get upset over little things (like if someone has eaten some of my food from the fridge I will be really upset for about half an hour and I know its irrational). Lately I have been getting very dizzy and I have to make sure I have food with me otherwise I start feeling faint, I have fainted in the past a few times but this feeling of being week has become worse for the last 3 weeks and it is really quite scary. Before I eat I start feeling confused and things don't seem to logic, this is when I make myself eat because I know it'll get worse (im a healthy weight not anorexic or anything and not overweight), after about 30 mins of eating my brain will work again but its worrying as to why my body can't seem to cope. I just feel like i'm deteriorating. Since the start of this year I have been constantly ill with either a cold, flu, norovirus or a bladder infection. I just wish I could feel normal for once. some days I just feel like I don't want to wake up in the morning.

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ummmmmm, some of your symptoms sound like hypoglycaemia...which can be a symptom of adrenal fatigue.

It sounds like you should get some tests done Princess! I take it your GP isn't much help?



Your symptoms might be thyroid related. Have you been to a GP and asked for your thyroid hormone levels to be tested?

Your symptoms may also suggest hypoglycaemia. Have a look here


Hi Simon, thank you for your reply, I will get a doctors appointment booked to talk about possible hypoglycaemia. I was worried I might have diabetes because my urine has a weird sweet odour lately (gross I know) but I googled it and it came up with diabetes. :-/

I actually had an adrenal insufficiency test a year or so ago but I fainted on the hospital bed when the doctor administered the drug so i'm sure that would have messed up the test. :-( I've been so weak for years but it just seems to be getting worse!

I have told my doctor about feeling unwell but they just say depression or fibromyalgia.

My mum dad and younger brother all have thyroid disease that is why I came to this forum.


Red apple, thank you for that link, that site seems really helpful, I had a look at some others but they were not as specific, thanks a lot! :-)


Well maybe it will give you some pointers as to how to manage things better. But hypoglycaemia is also a symptom of thyroid disfunction, and so is 'strange smelling urine' :)

So definitely go back to your GP and tell him you want a thyroid test. When you've had it done, ask for the test result numbers, then come back here and tell us what they are. On no account accept the answer of 'normal'. You have a right to know the actual result.

Be assertive but not aggressive. It's your health, your life. Good luck :)


When you get a copy of your blood tests results, make sure they put the ranges of the tests as well as labs differ.

It will be interesting to know what is wrong with you.


....sorry to hear you are unable to solve your health problems at the moment. Coming onto this site is such a good place to start and solve the mysteries we experience. Lots of reading - lots of new things to learn.

All the above advice is of course excellent.....regarding the urine - how much water do you drink ? Urine should be the colour of champagne by 3pm !....if not then the kidneys are having to work harder to purify the blood. If you drink say 8 glasses a day then it dilutes the urine more and amybe the aroma. Just a thought. It is also good for the blood purification if we drink a reasonable amount each day.....not litres and litres - just a few glasses. I find it easier to drink them in the morning..... Coffees here in Crete are always served with a glass of water - old wisdom maybe ? But for a is a dieuretic and needs to be balanced with twice as much water.

Hope you soon feel better......


Hi Start with a test for TSH, T4 and Free T3, if HP will not test all 3 then we can give you details of cheap testing.You need the results with ranges.Thyroid can have very vague symptoms , and very common.


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Really sorry to hear you've been left like this.

Tests at the doctors are of course your first step. I have hypothyroid but was also asked lots of questions by my endo a while back as to fainting, dizziness etc. These weren't really an issue back then, only slight dizziness and he suggested borderline hypoglycemic. He didn't want to discuss it further as didn't want to put anything in my head!!!!!!!

However, since then, I've been getting worse and worse with sugar cravings, the odd dizzy spell etc But like you, I know when I need to eat something straight away. My body suddenly feels really weak and my mind hazy(more than usual), I eat and instantly the feeling goes away.

So, it more than possible you have a thyroid issue, which hasn't been treated and has now cause hypoglycemia.

You're still young, so hopefully have a good chance at getting well, don't let them fob you off any more. Get the blood tests for thyroid etc, get print outs and out them on here so people can help you. You may need to see an endo at some point but you can get well.

Good luck :)


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