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What is wrong with me if it's not a Thyroid Problem?

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I've been suffering with feeling very cold all the time, am always tired, either not sleeping well or sleeping 10+ hours a night, my body aches,I have mood swings, I cry every day, I have trouble concentrating, I have Tinnitus, quite often have a hoarse voice, have a over sized belly and am still putting on weight even though I eat sensibly and drag myself to the Gym 3-4 times a week to try to raise my metabolism, and have gone off sex which is putting a strain on my relationship. I've been to the doctor several times and have had blood tests that are all coming back normal. I insisted on getting my test results today and have asked to be referred to a Endocrinologist, but have told I will have to pay privately for that.

Will I be wasting my money if it's something else or all in my head as the Doctors are suggesting?

my results -

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody level = <28 IU/ml (0-60)

Serum TSH Level = 2.08mlU/L (in Feb) 2.66 (in April) (0.3-5.6)

Free T4 Level = 10.1 pmol/L (in Feb) 9.2 in apr)

FSH level = 77 IU/L

any advice please before I really lose my mind.

ps I am late 40s and the Doctor says I'm starting my menopause.


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Have you got the range for your FT4. It looks quite low but impossible to be sure without the range.


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SJ1964 in reply to foreversummer

it only says on the print Serum Free T4 Level 9.2pmol/L and 10.1 pmol/L on the two different dates I had the blood tests taken, no range mentioned.

is there a general range for everyone?

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foreversummer in reply to SJ1964

No, it's down to your specific lab. The range in my lab is 10 - 22. I've seen some that are 12 - 22 or even up to 24 I think. But I think I've also seen some as low as 7 - 14 or something mentioned on these boards. That's why it is so important. Ask your doctor's surgery. They should be able to tell you or I believe some labs have websites where they publish their ranges (mine doesn't do that though).

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I am sorry you are feeling so unwell. It does sound as if you are hypo but the problem is that many GP's do not know the clinical symptoms, have been instructed not to medicate patients until the TSH reaches 10 which one doctor I know of stated it leaves us in a 'parlous situation'.

Exercising at present wont do you any good if you are hypo because you cannot raise your metabolism as it is below normal anyway and you have to have proper medication in order to raise it to normal initially.

These are some links for information and you may have to have a private consultation with a sympathetic/knowledgeable doctor.



(doctors have no knowledge of this test but is useful for yourself)






(you will find this interesting).

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SJ1964 in reply to shaws

Thank you very much for this, I have just bought a Digital Thermometer today and took my temperature twice which were 34.9c and later (when feeling warmer) 36.0. I will do it every morning before getting out of bed like the link said and am going to write then all down. I've been to the doctors 4 times about my symptoms and every time have come out crying my eyes out. rather than pay a lot for a private Endocrinologist, I am going to monitor my temperature for a week or two and take the readings with a copy of another link you sent to another doctor and try to stay calm when I plead with them to send me for further tests or to send me to the Endocrinologist on the NHS!

this website has been a great help to me, even if just talking about my symptoms and knowing i am not the only one not getting a proper Diagnosis and treatment.

Look into getting your b12 , iron and vitamin d tested.

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SJ1964 in reply to sezzy

I have actually been on B12 vitamins for the last 4 months as I had read that you can feel cold from lack of that, but it's not really made any difference.

I think I have had my Iron tested, but I will ask them to test it and the Vitamin D when I go back to the Doctors for the 5th Time.

thanks for your help.

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