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Hopes dashed!

Just saw the endo after 4 month wait and first time since TT two years ago. I think I may be guilty of wasting NHS time and money as apparently all my symptoms are 'most likely' unrelated to not having a thyroid and therefore he cannot agree with my request for a three month trial of T3. Interestingly, he couldnt suggest where I go next in order to find out why I am experiencing these symptoms although he would be willing to refer me privately if he knew the name of the consultant I want to see. Sadly, because of my failing memory (which has nothing to do with my lack of thyroid) I had forgotten to bring my list of private consultants (received greatfully from Thyroid UK).

I now plan to see my GP for each individual complaint that I am experiencing and hope that he refers me to a specialist for each one - no doubt wasting more NHS time and money. What a palaver!

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Hi, I am very sorry you were disappointed seeing your Endocrinologist two years after your TT.

I am not in the least medically qualified but I would say your symptoms are 'most likely' RELATED. I only have hypothyroidism due to my thyroid gland failing, but if you have had yours removed altogether, I think the least they can do is add some T3 to your levothyroxine for a trial.

You are left high and dry and trying to find a way to recover your health but it is not happening for you. I am glad you forgot your list of private consultants, as they may find themselves in trouble with the British Thyroid Association. That's happened to a few doctors who treat 'outside the box'.

This is a link to Dr Lowe (RIP) who was an Advisor to There are other topics at the top of the page.


Oh dear. I too had a TT 2 years ago and have been very unwell since. Due to see an endo on Wed for the first time like you after a 4 month wait. Wondering if it will be a waste of time....


Hi Debjs

Sorry to hear you don't feel well either. If I learnt anything today (i.e. if I could do it all over again) I would have stood firm and asked him to suggest what he would do if he was me. As it was, I just got upset because I could tell he was only interested in TSH levels and textbooks rather than research and anecdotal evidence.

I wish you good luck.

Louisa x


Oh i am worried now my endo has told me that i will be perfectly fine after my tt (i am on the list for surgery). you just dont know if your doing right for wrong x


Hi Debbiejoyce

Please dont be discouraged by what I have said. I understand there are many who are fine after op... its just that you dont hear from them on here.

Good luck with it all

Louisa x


Hi It is more or less common to need thyroid treatment for underactive, (Hypo,) after surgery. Do not be put off by this man, find a good endo yourself and ask GP to refer you, there are some lovely, good ones. Find one yourself by research. I would avoid "his " hospital like the plague!

Best wishes,



Hi, you are right about standing firm and I have decided I don't have to do what he says if I don't like it. I am fortunate to have a very supportive GP. Its hard though to stand up for yourself when you feel so rough. I hope you have support to help you fight your corner.


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