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I have been on Synthroid for many, many years. Last summer, due to severe temperature fluctuations, I finally had a CT scan and found out that I have NO thyroid gland! Doc thinks Hashimoto auto immune syndrome destroyed it over the years. I have been doing ok on 75 mcg Synthroid, but having lots of BOTH hot and cold temperature fluctuations. My TSH is normal, T4 normal, but T3 very low. Doc said she would give me Cytomel, but that it would make the hot flashes worse. I understand being "cold" with low T3, but to not understand the "hot" flashes (am way over menopause age). Just wondering if anybody else has both both and cold flashes with low T3. Thank you and the best of health to you all.

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You should get sex hormones checked, my severe hot and cold flashes and sweats have reduced a huge amount since I started using a bio-identical hormone cream for oestrogen dominance.

:) linda

I wish I could...I've had Breast cancer and can't use hormone sof any kind. However, I am old...way past menopause, so I think all that is in the past, unfortunately!

I'm 60:) went through menopause several (10-12) years ago but symptoms never stopped, until I read about serenity cream on here. Got worse at first then my thermostat settled down. Sorry about breast cancer... sucks big time is an understatement:(

Would you be kind enough also PM me the name of which cream you use ? Thanks

Please PM the name of your cream.I have sweats & adrenaline flashes on T3 despite being 67.I am oestrogen dominant

Would you also be kind enough to PM me the name of your cream? Thanks

I think you need to reply to fibrolinda

oops - sorry !

Hi - I have had hot flushes with this which I believe are linked to active attacks by the immune system. They have calmed down a lot and in fact now stopped, fingers crossed! , since getting this under control with T3/t4, selenium and gluten/dairy free. Xx

If you have low T3 and add some in to your thyroid treatment you are likely to start feeling better. Poor temperature control is a feature of being under-medicated.

There is a possibility that under-medication and low T3 for many years could have trashed your adrenal function. If that is the case then you might have problems adding T3. But it isn't a reason to give up. It is a reason to test your adrenals and start helping them get better, and add in T3 as and when you can tolerate it.

Some websites that discuss adrenals a lot :




I just can't take enough t3 to help, my blood pressure soars on t3 only and if I try adding a little to NDT. I Treat slightly up down cortisol with vitamin c. Can't take any adrenal support as all that I tried send blood pressure soaring ☹grrrr

Thank your u so much. Will check these out!

Thanks for your reply! When your T3 was low, did you say you also had hot flashes? I am a nurse, and can understand the coldness, but not the hotness. Also, my cortisol is low, but the doc has never addressed this. Just found all this out recently, and ironically, I was a nurse in endocrinology for over 20 years. ;-). I just never had my thyroid scanned nor the cortisol checked until recent temperature fluctuations.

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