There is hope!!

Just phoned around on two particular Endo's that were recommended to me and I have a private appointment tomorrow evening!!!!! Only half an hour again but so not to eat into any of my time with him I am busy emailing over to his Secretary lots of test results and also a bit of a blog on what has been happening the last 5 months. Hope to God he can help me!

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Private doesn't always mean better, good luck anyway.

well thanks for dampening my spirits!!

We'll cross our fingers for you that you have a happy consultation. :)

thank you Shaws, at least your comment was more positive than Bantams!

Hope - keeps us going. :)

Please don't get too excited. I have been down that road spending lots of money on private specialists and they were just as useless as NHS

I understand Blue but at least I have managed to get to see someone really quickly that has a really good reputation and came highly recommended. If it doesn't work out with him then I can move to the other recommended one


Great to email previous medical history ahead of your visit. (I do that).

However keep it short .. bullet points so as not to overwhelm him.

The important part is now.

Lots of luck, Flower

thank you flower, yes I am doing that hon and trying to cut out the ramblings of a lunatic in the process :)

Hope he can jeffner, good luck wth him

thank you Pastille

Hope it goes well! Let us know how you get on.

thank you silver, I will let everyone know :)

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