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I have been on 75 thyroxin for 8 weeks now and am due a blood test next week. In the eight weeks i have had a recurring sore throat, particularly down each side, my ears itch and my asthma symptons have become much worse. My eyes feel puffy and i have a milky like mucus at the top of my nose. I went back to my gp after the first four weeks and she just said we'll see what happens after your eight week blood test. Am i always going to feel this miserable?

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A couple of possibilities come to mind. Firstly the obvious one... maybe 75 mcg is not the right does for you. Have you had your levels tested since being on this dose? If so, what were the results?

Secondly, it's just possible that you're having a reaction to the medication. Maybe try an antihistamine to see if it helps at all. probably a long shot, but worth a try.


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