Endocrinologist Versus. Erfra and T3

What a horrid visit I had to the Endocrinologist that diagnosed me with ME/Fibromyalgia and hypothyroid. Dr Skinner has prescribed Erfa and T3. Since having T3 I have felt much better, although not great. I have returned to work on greatly reduced hours and have struggled my way through this. Consultant Endo seemed ok last time I saw him in relation to dr Skinner but this other one was very curt with me. Said I must b better if back at work (reality is I'm hanging by a peice of string) was annoyed I'm seeing dr skinner. But IMPORTANTLY they are saying my heart rate is too fast and if I remain taking high dose thyroid meds then I'm at risk of heart attack Stroke Osteoporosis etc

I'm so upset feel totally rejected. I Emailed Consultant to say I was unhappy with my visit I'm just waiting a reply. I'm trying to work out if feeling a b better is worth the risk. I think it is but then if I think deeper I would hate to have a stroke. Any one else faced this dilemma or what do you think

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  • I think , and I may be alone in this, that sod the consequences and do what makes you feel better. Personally I'd far rather risk shortening my life dramatically by taking something that allows my to at least have some sort of life than take something safe that will help me live longer at the cost of having any life worth living. Though I have a rather skewed outlook on life that not everyone shares and see many treatments and therapies as prolonging death as opposed to prolonging life.

    Stick with whichever doctor is listening to you and making you better.

  • Just my opinion btw.

  • I suppose I can see this from both sides. I do feel much better on T3 and moaned like mad to my Endo to keep me on it but he always said that he didnt want to be responsible for killing me. Now Ive had a Stroke (not through taking T3) and I look at things differently. yes I would like to take T3 because I know it would probably make me feel better but on the other hand do I want to risk another stroke having been through that? Sometimes it is just a balancing act that you have to walk a very fine line with. Compromise is just part of chronic conditions...sadly.

  • Interesting re having a stroke but saying it's not because of T3. How do you know that?

  • Why dont you get back in touch with Dr.Skinner and ask for his advice. Maybe he will suggest a slight reduction in one or the other of your meds if you tell hom exactly what has happened and how unhapppy the NHS endo is regarding your fast heart rate.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Moggie x

  • Thanx for your replies. Yes it is a balancing act. I think I want to remain well. I am in bed today feeling very low and in pain. Don't know if it is stress - the Endo upset me but my dad is also seriously ill but I'm getting up now and will take my two (4 grains) of Efra! Having taken 40mg T3 first thing!!!! Thanx again fir answering really appreciate it xxxx

  • The British thyroid Association do not like Dr S or how he treats people with thyroid gland problems. Dr S is a thorn in their side.

    It is also difficult when you have two people with different views treating you.

    If you have an underlying heart problem then they have to be cautious but before the TSH (I assume that's what they are referring to) became the way to now diagnose people were prescribed between 200mcg and 400mcg and were medicated according to symptoms.



    Sometimes too people have a sensitivity to something in the meds they are taking.

    Phone and leave a message with Dr S and tell him your concerns.

  • I quite understand where you're at - I had an unpleasant annual interview with the Endo and had to endure him issuing similar warnings, but he went as far as saying they would refuse to treat me if I went elsewhere. Good luck with whatever you decide to do as no-one can make that decision for you.

  • How fast is your heart rate by the way? and does Dr S 'really' know how fast it is? if so what does he think of this? what has he told you about your fast heart rate?

    I know what 'I' would do: I would trust dr s 'blindly' so long that I was sure I have told him EVERYTHING he needs to know about me, my medical history and any symptoms/signs etc I am going through. No other doctor would be good enough 'for me'. These are 'my feelings' and by no means you have to feel what I feel xx

  • It occurs to me that our hearts are put under strain over the years when we're not effectively treated and then because they are weakened they are more likely to give us problems? Does anyone know if there is a simple way of checking the condition of our hearts before we start on new regimes like T3 or natural thyroids?


  • You are right Mary. Last time I had a dental X-ray it showed perfect little holes all thru my bone. I'm so exhausted and feel like hypochondriac I haven't mentioned it to anyone BUT I should otherwise they will say its my thyroid meds. I have almost ended up back in bed after 4 days of not taking Efra so I'm back on it and its QUALITY of life not longevity !!!!!!!! Thank you for your response. Hope you re doing well as is possible


  • I too was diagnosed with the same as you. Also Menieres. I can not even get to an endo. keep fighting I have demanded a printout of my last 10 blood tests. Im hoping

  • Good luck Tavy sorry to hear that

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