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Thoughts on my immune system

I find this whole immune system thing quite fascinating and yet there is so little information that I can find on exactly how it works for us with thyroid troubles. We have all learnt here how those pesky lymphocytes attack our thyroid and slowly destroy it bit by bit hence all those little antibodies that pop out to do the clean up job. I had 1618 of those antibodies last August when I was diagnosed.

I am autoimmune hypothyroid and I have suffered for many years prior with various allergies: pet fur, house dust, perfumes etc. These manifest as itchy sore eyes, runny nose, various skin rashes. I am suffering dreadfully these past two weeks with allergy related symptoms. My body is reacting to something but I just can't work out what it is. No contact with anything untoward that I am aware of. I have blocked but runny nose, sore gritty eyes with headache and eye socket pain and the most horrendous pair of legs covered in excema. Digestion is one of my big problems and I have cut out bread and pasta this week and I have at least stopped the terrible bloats. I know that I have lots of hypo symptoms at present even though I had a dose increase four weeks ago owing to my blood tests being out of whack. Still hoping that I will see an improvement soon.

I've read many times of people with underactive thryroids having lots of colds and infections, but this is completely the opposite to me. I can't remember the last time I had a cold or infection of any sort. I guess I am lucky in that respect. But why? Is it because my immune system is so super efficient that it kills off all those bugs as well as attacking me too!

So are our immune systems super boosted or are our immune systems not functioning well? I really can't suss that one out.

Be really interested in Rod has seen anything written lately in this respect, or anyone else's thoughts of course.


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Hi With one autoimmune condition you can gradually develop many, as my Hepatologist says , "They like to hang around together". I have loads. Nothing can be done until they appear, then, those that can be treated ,are treated as they arise. Endo best place initially as they are well acquainted with autoimmune problems.



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