Has any has experience of this Endo? Please PM if you have

Dr Asraai Nasruddin. I've googled him but other than one Endocrine paper unrelated to thyroid, I can only find his profile and education history which doesn't give me enough information. My sister has been referred for a second opinion but unless he is any good I don't think we should accept being told who to go to. I would really appreciate information via a private message from anyone that has had experience of this Endo in Southampton please. Thank you.

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No experience of them, but wondering how your sister is? Mary F x

Thank you for asking Mary its very thoughtful of you. Things aren't so good I'm afraid. When I can access my messages - not showing on the menu - I will send you a quick update privately. Don't know when that will be. Can only access on my iPhone at the moment too because the site won't display at all on my Mac. I could last week though. I think when they are trying to correct some bugs they are breaking new things so one minute something works and them it packs up again - very frustrating and we must have lost lots of new people who would give up trying.

Hope you are ok.

Warm regards xx

Hope you are ok.

Sent you a PM, I have seen him.

Oh thank you so much. I still can't get into my messages but as soon as it is sorted by support I will have a look. What would I do without this site - thank you again for taking the time to help me x

I'm going there is sept could you send your opinion to me too please? Do they redo test or is it more of a chat?

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