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I'm at long last writing some letters to complain about GPs not treating me properly. Having gone through the GMC website I can't find anything about GPs interpreting test results.

I specifically want to challenge that the test results may have showed 'normal' but the symptoms I had were anything but normal and this should have been taken into account.

Would really appreciate some help here. Thanks!

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  • I doubt if you will find the GMC sympathetic. The British Thyroid Associations' guidelines are:-

    I tried to copy in an excerpt but cannot do it. This is the link. It is due to their policies that so many of us are undiagnosed/undertreated and in chronic ill-health if levothyroxine doesn't suit you. It insists that whilst on thyroxine we are kept 'within the normal range'. God help us.

    They have ignored Dr Lowe's Rebuttal to them despite the scientific information contained therein.


  • The BTA and RCP guidelines for doctors are here:


    I would question whether a statement like that is in any way binding or appropriate. It has NO review date. It is already around five years old. It refers to the thyroid testing document which had a review date back in 2009 that has not been adhered to. It does not comply with NICE f=guidelines for writing guidelines.

    And, self-admittedly, it ONLY covers primary hypothyroidism. But give no possibility of diagnosing non-primary hypothyroidism for it suggests that any disorder that is not primary must be non-thyroid. In that sense, both secondary and tertiary hypothyroidism appear to have been ignored.

  • Do you know why the joint statement at the end of that paper is now "not found", in other words it has been deleted?

  • Thanks for your replies but I suspect a little bit of brain fog crept into my question hence it not being clear!!

    I've been looking through the GMC website and its guidance for both doctors and patients. What I was hoping to find was a sentence saying that test results and a patient's symptoms must both be taken into account when treating/diagnosing.

    In other words this nonsense of them saying 'your blood test is fine' when one doesn't feel 'fine' must be taken on board and not ignored.

  • After being hyper for a few years my blood tests kept coming back as borderline and were classed as fine and i therefore went untreat for about 10 years. I was always at the doctors and could hardly function but one time saw a student doctor who did the tests for antibodies and celiac. came back i was celiac and very high thyroid antibodies. so started on 25mcg of levo felt a bit but not much better saw my usual doc who just said to me lots of women you age have it and that was that....he begrudgingly gave me a script for 50mcg of levo and sent me on my way like it is some miracle cure. i feel like im banging my head off a brick wall.

  • Can't help with the GMC but the BMA/advice to patients/Toft book states clearly that the patients symptoms must be taken into consideration.

  • Worth remind them that they are their to make their patients life as comfortable as possible within reason.. Failing to heed aiments is not aiding patients it is putting their lives in jeopady through lack of appropriate care and attention.

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