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I hate to ignore people so just want to say thank you

To those who responded to my questions a few wks ago about low iron and high ferritin and t3 and hydrocortisone. Haven't been able to respond individually as just too much going on for me to deal with and my (small) support system has totally crashed and nothing seems to be working out at the moment. However I didn't want to ignore your responses as your time, effort, knowledge and support is very much appreciated

Thanks again Pink lily x

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I'm sorry things aren't working for you at the moment :( Keep posting if you can and we will do our best to support you.


Carolyn x


Hi Pink lily,

sorry that you are still not well, don't let it get you down, keep up the good fight eh!

Hugs! from a distance, wakeham.


Thanks Wakeham. Your hugs from a distance are appreciated :-) I am indeed still fighting x


Thanks Carolyn. I really do need to post on here to get some advice and support but unfortunately with things crashing around me it is taking me all my energy to just get through the very basic functioning of the day to day routine. It's frustrating when you know there is a wealth of information and knowledge out there which could help me get me life back but I'm not always well enough to access it. However it's not killing my determination though it's having a good go! Thanks again x


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