I just wanted to share some good news with everyone and to say their is help out there

From my previous posts you may remember that things were looking very bleak for me, No doc, or Endro was listening to me or being helpful and I couldn't tollerate the Thyroid Medication. So I changed my surgery and have come across the most wonderfal Doctor, apart from being so impressed by his knowledge and great listening skills, he has said he prescribes T3 and even better than that he believes that Blood tests are only a guide and he said " I will treat the patient" I couldn't believe it It felt like I had won the lottery. He is doing blood tests first - 14 differen't things from Hormones to The Pituatory Gland. So please everyone don't give up and search until you find a great doctor and get the treatment you all deserve xxx

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Hi Kitten-whiskers (great name by the way! :) )

I'm really happy for you finding such a brilliant GP! I was getting nowhere with my previous practice and I complained - not that it got me anywhere! I gave up in the end even when I presented to them photographic evidence of abnormal blood test results pointing to an autoimmune illness as well as high TSH results, so I switched to a smaller GP.

Although I've had problems with 2 GPs at the practice the actual practice manager called me tonight and despite her not having any clinical knowledge of thyroid disease (which I couldn't help but feel that was a bit odd with her being a practice manager) she offered me an appointment with the GP who explained the autoimmune process going on in my body. The last GP I saw said thyroid autoantibodies in the blood are "irrelevant" to hypothyroidism!! :o

So yes there are doctors out there who want to listen and will go out of their way for you!


Jo xxx

I am glad you are having some luck to. My last doctor didn't know what T3 was, so I can easily believe it. I hope you get well to. I have been so shocked by the general lack of knowledge about our condition. I have also complained previously but it falls on deaf ears. My new doc has said it may take along time to recover, but the main thing is know I am being listened to and will finally recieve treatment - that in itself has relieved abit of stress. Take care Jo xxx

Yes, complaining doesn't work and when I complained to my former practice they then blamed me for missing 2 appointments as opposed to them wasting over 10 months of not diagnosing me properly - really I think they were trying to score points. And all of that was because they couldn't be bothered to do repeat tests on thyroid function. But they can and will get away with it.

I've no idea how long I've had the Hashimoto's for but I must've had it for a very long time for the TSH to get as high as it has done.

I think for me seeing the GP who found my increased thyroid antibodies has relieved a bit of stress. Hopefully I'll get answers.

Take care too!! :) :)

Jo xxx

Morning Jo,

Are you still taking T4? Have you tried T3 or Natural Thyroid?

Morning Kitten-whiskers!!

Still taking T4 (only at reduced dose at 125mcg still as I'm getting headaches and migraines with the 150mcg) I haven't tried T3 or Natural Thyroid as those meds weren't offered to me back in May when I started.


Jo xxx

Hello Jo,

Just a suggestion that might help - reading a book called recovering with T3 - It's a fantastic book with loads of Information, the reason I mentioned it was because he has Hashimoto's x

Hiya Kitten-whiskers!

I'll look into that - thanks!! :)

Jo xxx

T4 is well known for creating more symptoms than it cures

you may well do far better on t3 or one of the natural dessicated thyroid meds

Hi reallyfedup!!

I'd like to start on T3 or NDT but the obstacle I have is getting my NHS GP to prescribe it.

Thanks for the tip!!

Jo xxx

Do you know what tests have been ordered for your pituitary? That's kind of next on my "to do" list of things to get tested and it would be helpful to know which tests to ask for.

Great news that you've found a knowledgeable doctor.

Good morning,

I am afraid I am not sure which ones were for the Pituitary gland, they seem to have code names for things. I will be seeing him again on the 9th December - I will ask him and let you know

Thanks Kitten. If you do remember I'd really appreciate it. Good luck for your next appointment..

I have set a reminder on my phone and I will certainly let you know

If tsh is low along with t4 then tests for piturity central hypothyroid is needed ...its scan using a drug thats very restricted hence they avoid doing it without being pushed or prodded into it


My TSH is either High or really low. I certainly prefer T3 but my only concern is what I've read about T3 suppressing the TSH and thats why people use T4 as well. Don't think I could get on with Levo but maybe a natural one

Theres far too much nonsense about suppressed tsh

TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone......its pushed out by pituarity to kick a flagging thyroid if you have hashimotos or have had your thyroid removed or given rai for graves disease you can flog the thyroid all you like but it wont work

the pituarity feedback system does not know the thyroid is half dead so any reliance on TSH is a nonsense

hence patients need to be treated on symptoms not on tsh

natural thyroid meds or t3 will suppress tsh anyway just as thyroxine does

That makes sense, Thats a good way at looking at it. Thank you.

I guess when you are this ill, you worry more about making things worse as they are bad enough already

hi there kitten , so happy to find someone else has found a PROPER gp that knows what the word 'CARE' means in 'the caring profession ' and actually practices what he preaches !!!!!! ....now that you've found him look after and nurture him ----- WITH MUTUAL RESPECT ---- there are some out there [ and I have an absolutely brilliant one ] ....but there are some awful ones to .....we are the lucky ones and I really feel for those that have 1 of the others [ plebs ] ......also great that you've taken the time and patience to blog on this site so that others will know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you find it ........LoL alan xx

Hello Alan,

I completely agree, I have seen some really unhelpful docs and a rather nasty endro who really couldn't give a monkies on how much I suffer. We need some hope in our situation and I don't think we can do it alone, it's to complex. My new doc's knowledge was remarkable and I will happily pass on all helpful Info I get.

That's great news Kitten-Whiskers :-) If only all doctors could be like yours!

I agree - I nearly fell to the floor in shock when I was listening to him talk - he was nothing atall like any of the other docs I'd seen.

I am sure their must be a few more like him

anywhere near north wales perhaps???? fingers crossed you say yes--looking for a better endo....as well..

Hello Sky,

I am sorry to say not anywhere near North Wales. I am in Suffolk, This doc said there are some really good endro's in Bury St Edmunds but thats so far for you, unless you have friends or family out this way. Sorry.

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