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Want to say a big thank you for all your help support and kindness I have now been given a trial on some T3 to go alongside my thyroxine xx


I have posted quite a lot over this past week and everyone has been so helpful kind and with brilliant advice

I feel if it wasn't for you and this site that I would not of had the strength or knowledge to carry on questioning my thyroid care/ treatment

I have just found out that I have a trial on T3 to go alongside my thyroxine to start Monday

I wrote an email to the endo in the end and now I've been given the go ahead

I am so pleased and really hope that this can be the start of getting my life back

I hope this gives you all some hope to keep on keeping on

We can do so much with the right information and support

Thank you soooooo much

I will keep u posted

Take care


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Well done Julia - you did it! Thanks for posting it gives everyone encouragement not to just sit back and take substandard treatment. Let us know how you get on. Once you settle on the T3 it might be worth looking at getting vitamins like B12 vitamin D, folates and also ferritin checked. I wish I had known about the link with thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies because I'm sure I would have recovered from the serious neglect much quicker.

One step at a time - you have taken a giant leap this week. Here's to your better health.

Thank u so much -

I wouldn't of done it alone tho x

I really appreciate your feedback and will persevere

Thanks for such kindness

Julia xxxxxxxx

shawsAdministrator in reply to juliaheppers

Wishing you well on your new meds.

juliaheppers in reply to shaws

Thank u x

Very Happy for you. Do you think that a Doctor can refuse to trial a T3 treatment, even if you sign some sort of disclamer? I would be very grateful for any feedback as I intend to do this shortly.

Congrats :) I'm hoping for a T3 trial. Did you just force your doc to give you one?

Hello thank u for your message I put a comment instead of replying to you directly

Sorry and I can't cut and paste!!!!!!!!!! Completely useless!!!!!!! X

Hope it helps xxxxx

Kindest regards julia

I went back over my notes and realised that when I was left really under active after radio iodine I had been given 2 weeks of it - only told it would make me feel better didn't know what it was but I was left under active for too long and got other complications so it was masked over

When I spoke to gp about this they said only the endo could give go ahead so emailed her asking why I had this before but never again

I think the part where I said " I believe I was neglected after radio iodine" may have had something to do with it and the long list of symptoms I still have even though I'm on 300 mcg levothyroxine and that I have no thyroid function due to RAI so in the end she couldn't refuse

But this is all done via fax and email - I have had no one talking directly to me or explaining this next step - I feel I'm being swept under the carpet due to that negligence and this has been given to me to shut me up

Mixed emotions but will try stay positive or my son

Fingures crossed its going to help after all this time - bit scared how wierd is that

I will keep u all posted

Thank u again for your help and kindness

Julia x

Great news!

Maybe you could start another blog asking how people who take a combination take their dose.

T3 has a short half life (you may have read about T3) so splitting the dose is quite important.

Look forward to hearing good reports!



Thank u xxxxx

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