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What do i say

Now ive got the appn for a referral to an endo what do i say, everything i read seems to be appropiate for my symtoms,

i take 150 gm for levothyroxine a day, yet i still have fibromyalgia type symptoms was read about ceoliac disease and yep it could be that, iron defficency ive had for about 20 years as well of and on, i just dont know where to start.

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Hi Di

Please bear in mind I know I know nothing - but this is my cunning plan (if ever I got that far) and someone has to reply..(hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me)

Take a savvy friend who will listen & be an advocate for you

Write your symptoms & questions down - be prepared (once a guide always a guide)

Take you last blood test with you

Be cool - Sit comfortably on the back of the chair as if you were in an interview & treat them as an equal - don't be intimidated (alternatively look a right mess)

Talk slowly and take time to think first, get your point across!

I'm sure there's a link on here about this - but can I find it? Everything you read? - be selective & summarise (yeh I know with brain fog I can't even read a book anymore)

Good luck, Jane x


hi hypodi

i'm in exactly the same position as yourself, i have to see an endo next month i don't know where to start either, but jane just gave some good info there. I have hashimotos with what they've said for 6 years cfs/m.e/fibro i'm just hoping the endo can sort me out, good luck with your endo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I can only echo what others have put. I write everything down - symptoms, questions, research findings etc- even when I'm just going to my GP. And if it's a specialist even more so - you wait months for an appointment and then get a 10 minute slot to sum up how you've felt for the last 10 years! I use Dr Internet very warily and usually ask the specialist if there is a web site they recommend for up to date information. Good luck with your appointment


Jane and others have already posted much sense.

Have you got anyone you could 'rehearse' with? Go through a mock session and try to make your self as competent and comfortable as you can. You are not trying to get an Oscar, nor to pull wool over their eyes, just to do the best you can.

Anyone going for a job interview would be encouraged to do this. So why not this similarly difficult situation?

Just think, the doctors have been rehearsing all their working lives.



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