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Lower end of normal blood result, what do i do?

I visited my doctor a couple of weeks ago to get my blood results, they showed that i was at the lower end of normal. My doctor said that it meant an under active thyroid, but the lab wanted it to be retested in 2 months before i can be put on medication. I have been feeling lethargic, head achy and general rubbish for about a year now, I have also been feeling very low so have now been put on 20mg of citalopram. My doctor thought it was just me being exhausted with my 4 children, but i knew that feeling like it must mean something more. Ive got an appointment tomorrow as i don't feel i can wait that long, some days i feel dreadful and where there's something i could be taking to make me feel better well that's just making it worse! I would be grateful for any advice, Many thanks

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If you can get a copy of your latest blood test results complete with ranges (figures in brackets) and post here it will enable us to answer more fully. Just ask your surgery for a copy (we are entitled) and also get a copy thereafter for each blood test. If you haven't time to go to the surgery phone and ask and remember the ranges as they are important as labs differ.

Has your GP done a vit B12 and Vit D blood test as well as ferritin, folate and iron.

Most of us know how dreadful we can feel yet be told there is nothing wrong with us. Unfortunately many do not take clinical symptoms into consideration nowadays. Before the TSH blood test came into use, everyone was given a trial of thyroid hormone at the very least.


Thankyou very much for your advice i will get a copy of my results and post on here. I will ask my doctor whether shes tested for those tomorrow


Ive just spoken to my surgery and they told me my TSH level was 1.19 and the t4 6.3, not sure what this means they couldn't disclose the ranges


I see Clarebear has answered. It is a big learning curve for us to practically take a degree in order to get well.



Hi Also make sure you have had a Free t3 test ( possible but not easy), Years ago that was always tested ( costs) now I have to pay for the test. Initially the only thyroid test that showed Hypo was my low T3.



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