The cramp has gone!

It's strange how you complain about a health problem and then suddenly realise it's not there any more. I have suffered from terrible cramp, the worst being in my inner thigh which could only be relieved by actually walking through it...not easy when the pain is excruciating and you have to make it worse to feel better. Even turning over in bed could trigger cramp in my legs and feet and getting up three times a night to press my feet on the floor just to get rid of it was no joke. Gave all my high heels away as if I wore them I would suffer for hours with cramp in my feet and toes.

Suddenly I realised it had gone! I can only think that as I have upped my levo (did it myself ,no asking, my TSH was over 3 and "normal" argggh!) Also have been on vitamin D for some months now and I'm sure the Vit D is responsible. I have looked up cramp on "tags" and there are hundreds suffering the same thing. It is wonderful to be able to stretch again and I would suggest if you haven't had your Vit D tested then now's the time. I know it is mentioned so often but do people take it seriously enough? I am so sure it is what has made the difference to me.

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  • :-)

    (Mind, some of us manage to whinge and complain even when the health problem has long gone. And yes, I am pointing finger at myself not anyone else! :-) )

    Agreed about vitamin D.

  • That's fanstastic news for you and for the rest of us too, thanks for letting us know. I too get bad cramps and I've just started on Vit D so I hope I have the same result - the lab said my Vit D level was too low to score, all they could say was that it was less than 15!

  • It didn't happen straight away so keep going. I must have been on it for at least three months and it has recently kicked in. At least I am sincerely hoping that it's the Vit D as I haven't done anything else and my research has suggested it could very well be that.

  • That's really cool ellarose1234. I am taking D3 from Holland and Barrett and manage to increase my D3 levels from 17 to70, which is good. I was taking

    5 000 iu per day for few months . Whatbrandcof D3 are you using?

  • Could be low magnesium - take a look at my post of today.

  • I looked up chickpeas for nutritional content and discovered that it has a LOT of magnesium in it. Just recently I have been eating loads of them as I am following YorkTest diet being sensitive to Wheat,Yeast,Gluten,Eggs and Hazelnuts (doesn't leave a lot else to eat!) I have been eating loads of chickpeas made into my own hummus recipe and now wonder if it is that rather than the Vit D??? Oh dear perhaps I have mislead people?

  • Whatever works for you is good - thanks for the reply ! Do you put a pinch of cumin in your hummus ? - yummy ! x

  • yes I do and I could live on the stuff! I have written another blog explaining. I didn't want to mislead anyone and I really do think it's something to do with both VitD and Magnesium taken together.

    Would be nice if we heard from other people to say the same thing?

    How wonderful if we could manage to banish the dreaded cramp.

  • To be honest I was quite surprised that there were so few responses to my blog/question the other day .....could it be a cause of low D3 ?....... when I detailed the website I have just sent you - about Magnesium and other things.

    You need good magnesium levels for VitD to be absorbed and as my D3 are still low I thought it may just be the cause. Blood testing for magnesium is not a worthwhile thing to do apparently.

    Pity I can't send you some olive oil from our olive grove for your hummus....extra virgin and organic.....!! As I once read in a book about olives - extra virgins are few and far between !!

    Hope you have your smiley head on............. x

  • Always have smiley head on :)

    I would have thought you would get enough sun where you live but obviously that doesn't always work. Yes I could do with some really good fresh olive oil but just have to get the best Tesco can offer or if I am in a decent health shop.

  • It is great when you have pain relief. Good news.

  • That's good news. What form of vitD do you take? I started taking super fish oil but it made my stomach really bad, I am very sensitive and have had stomach bleeds in the past.

  • I'm taking Adcal-D3 400 i.u. 2 daily. They are chewable and I take them morning and evening. Had another blood test today so will be interested to see what that tells me.

    My last blood test told me I had gone up from 36 to 102 so that can't be bad. I'm wondering what the next step is. Will my doctor stop the VitD if result still up? Have to wait and see I suppose.

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