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Workmen come to the house yesterday they had stripped off within a few minutes.Never really occurred to me the heat of the house as am always in jumpers with heating up.Just probably realised it is quite warm hubby has taken to wearing shorts and flip flops and my two boys .When I mentioned it hubby said we just need a couple of palm trees and a piña colada x

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Dito....thick socks x2 leg warmers wrist warmers at least 1 scarf and numerous body layers and sometimes that is in the summer!!!...whilst my hubby strips to shorts and T-shirt with head out the window gasping for air...needless to say the contribution to global warming and monthly mortgage to British gas...


Workman came to my house last week in shorts and T-shirt. Said he remembered my house from last time! It is still not warm enough for me, especially as my husband must have been born in a barn and just cannot shut doors. Wish I was a bear and could hibernate.


Had a shelf put up by a workman yesterday and first thing he said when he entered was phew it's warm in here! I was comfy, he was sweating, shelf looks good though!


Hi I was exactly like this for years and thought it was thyroid , heart and kidney, all of which I suffer with. However I finally discovered I had severe diabetes. make sure you have both blood tests. Hb 1ac and glucose. By the way I am not overweight so not obvious for diabetes.

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