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adrenal support

Hi everyone; I am newly diagnosed and probably should thank the dr for thinking of it, because i went in with something else entirely. I was put onto 25 mcg (the dr persuaded me because i didnt want anything at all) and shes put me up to 50mcg after 2 weeks. So far Im noticing practically nothing, but Im on this site because i knew the whole thing was a big deal as my daughter has been overactive since she was 13 and still (in my opinion) at 20 isnt properly well. I was told that either my T3 or my T4 was way over what it should be, but that the other (T3 orT4) was within range, which indicated massive compensation.

I really dont sleep well and having discovered the adrenal test Im having that done hoping that dealing with my suspected exhausted adrenals will help solve the problem. My question is; if (I suspect when) i get the results telling me that they need some support, what do i do about the neds i am on? (currently 50mcg levothyroxine). Before i went on meds i was getting slightly tireder that usual (but i thought that was my sleep patterns) and feeling the cold a great deal. As i say apart from that i havent noticed any symptoms.

Thank you for reading all this......... and grateful for any words of wisdom.

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I'm sure the advice will your results so better suggestions can be made.

On the adrenal support - you might like to look at AD206 - which was posted here and I picked up on and am very pleased with it. It has worked for my exhausted adrenals better than the bovine support which gave me the jitters. I have been working with Dr Peatfield who has been of great help.

Take care.



Also working with Dr Peatfield...he's had me come off thyroxine entirely for 8 days then start adrenal support, then add in thyroid support plus a lower dose of thyroxine. Every case is different but you need to make sure you don't end up crashing either system.

Have done tests - cortisol, DHEA, T3/T4 and full thyroid blood panel to confirm where everything's at. My adrenals haven't ever been treated but I'm a complete mess on thyroxine alone. Adrenal fatigue symptoms and hypothyroid symptoms overlap somewhat so often adrenals go untreated unless you have Addison's (autoimmune attack on adrenal cortex). Hope this helps...there's lots of literature out there on this. It's all a finely tuned machine...when it's working!! Good luck/.


Hi Skyfall, I've been off thyroxine for a week and still searching online for the protocol of what to take next and when to take (for adrenal support). I know I read it somewhere on this forum but cannot find it again now that I need it. Anyway, you said that Dr P told you to come off thyroxine for 8 days then start adrenal support, then add in thyroid support plus a lower dose of thyroxine. Do you remember the timeframe? Was it Day 8 start adrenal support (Nutri adrenal and Vitamin C?). When do you start the Nutri Thyroid? When do you restart the thyroxine? I was on 75mcg but had been told to increase to 100mcg so should I start straight away with 75mcg? So confused... But my brain is certainly feeling much clearer now that I have been off the levothyroxine for a week, even if I am ever so sleepy all the time. I know it's 2 years since your post but I hope you are still around on this forum and can help. Or if anyone else sees this...


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