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Compounding Pharmacy, ROI

I was searching for a compounding pharmacy in republic of Ireland, found and wrote to one.

He promptly responded and was very courteous. Here is a small section of his response:

"We are not allowed to do compounding any more, Our inexperienced Civil servants paid for by taxpayers have decided only Manufacturers should make medicines, even simple mixtures. This protects the big companies and allows them to create a monopoly and to continue to rip everyone off."

So, for anyone looking to compound NDT in Ireland,it's not done anymore. I will also try N.I and post response.

PurrJones :)

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I do not remember ever seing anyone mention getting desiccated thyroid compounded within the UK (in recent years). Obviously I don't know every single person, so it might just be possible, but I have my doubts. :-)

Given what I have seen of the costs of specialised pharmacies, I suspect it would be cheaper to purchase from abroad (i.e. neither UK nor ROI).



Yes, expensive, as Rod says.

Don't know about thyroid but my hrt comes from here:

London Specialist Pharmacy

Suite 13, QMB Innovation Centre

42 New Road

London E1 2AX

Telephone: 020 7637 1055




I believe America and Australia still have compounding pharmacies.


And the US ones, some of them, are mired in controversy over meningitis:



Oh yes thank you for reminding me of this - rather worrying.


Another issue with USA compounding pharmacies.

During the biggest desiccated thyroid supply problems, it was said that the problem was with the availability of the Thyroid USP desiccated thyroid powder used by both Forest and RLC to make Armour and Nature-Throid/Westhroid respectively.

But somehow, many compounding pharmacies were producing vast quantities of specially prepared "compounded Armour". I was deeply suspicious about how they had sourced their Thyroid USP and whether it was actually up to standard.

Over time, my scepticism was at least partially supported by two things. One being the number of people who did not get on so well with their compounded versions - though we all know this can happen anyway with any changes. The other being that some people were being supplied with synthetic levothyroxine and synthetic liothyronine which had simply been combined in the same ratio as T4:T3 in desiccated thyroid!

I have felt very uneasy about the whole saga. At the same time, I am sure many are perfectly honest and above board.


When my son was born prematurely in 1976, the hospital prescribed supplements made up at a local pharmacy. Wouldn't this be a good idea for all of us who are taking supplements now. So much simpler to have them all in one dropper full! Guess they just used to compound what was needed then.


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