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Doing 24 hr adrenal saliva test tomorrow - should I still take all my meds today?

Hi All

I want to start the CT3M protocol and having had a bit of hit and miss I relaise I need to do the adrenal saliva test to check exactly where my adrenals are (I suspect they are very weak).

What gives the most accurate adrenal test results though? Should I take my T4 and T3 meds and vitamins as normal today and tomorrow when I am going to do the test - or should I avoid all meds while running the tests?

Appreciate your advice, thank you

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Take your meds as normal, assuming that none of them are specifically for adrenals, (Hc, nax. Etc). The whole things about the saliva test is its supposed to be done on a normal day! So, no parachuting, marathon running or Channel swimming on that day! :)



Many thanks for the reply. None of my current meds are for adrenals - I am just on the T3 and T4 and then some vits (vitamin d etc).

No marathon running for me today but I did do my usual 1 hour gym session and fought my way through the snow to get the kids to school - so that is my usual 'stress' so I guess the results I get back should accurately reflect that typical day.

I'll book in for the channel swim when it gets a bit warmer outside!! :-)


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