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Myself and a fybromyagia friend, had to chuckle about how we should stand out side parliment dressed as a ?

This bloody desease gets me down sometimes, as most of you no, I am on here if im desperate.

I went for a detox, spa and swim, ( suffered the next day)

my friend and I decided ( jokingly) to call all fybro patients, those that have the same opnion as us and dress up as endocronology organs, we laughed and laughed, I am the thyroid and she is the adrenal and the other friends could be a ovary, or a orange a iron and vitamin, use you imaginination lol.

Wouldnt that be great, standing out side parliment asking for change, with a costume of a battered thyroid, and all the other co factors. ( although I feel I am wearing it already)

not funny really is it, the scottish parliment, again i will reiterate remarkable, I think thats where I got my hypothetical ideas. hope i dont offend anyone? I probably be crying in couple of days.

My friend feels we should do it and bring together a team of people that are struggling with different ailments smptoms and diagnoses. it might makes the news in the UK, then we will be put in a straight jacket.

I have nearly finished my supporting letter asking for change and noting how I have and still am effected not only by not bein medicated but the money ive spent for some acknowledgment. Hence the hundreds of pounds the NHS has spent on me a lone, drugs, scans, blood test and I played by the pilsbury rules and followed suite because I had no understanding of the TSH, its good to be able to put a cause to some of your smptoms, but then the treament is another battle.

having a good day xx

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You could always go dressed as ass, as polititians talk out of that the most!!!! lol


Well I want to do a 'Zombie march'.

OK it's been done before but I would make a really GREAT Zombie (it comes very naturally)

I wouldn't even have to wear makeup (ok maybe a bit of tomato sauce for effect).

Save Mum, kill Philip, then meet you guys outside the Winchester? J xxx


makes you wonder why, in fiction of course, they always go for the throat?


Nobody would watch it because it would take SOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOONG to do even the first few yards!


I love the idea only I'd have a problem deciding which organ to go for! I'm on here and on the fibro forum, got slipped discs impinging on my left leg so that I've started to fall over! Maybe I could just lie flat on a specially constructed skateboard!

Whippet ;)


lol you are amazing. love to you all xxx


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